Thursday, April 27, 2006

pinions of buddy don: tecknology

i am wurkin frum home today on a counta bad timin by my germs. i gut a nasty cold over the weekend, witch i wuz still feverish n coffin my fool head off on mundy when i went in to wurk. they sent me home n tole me to wurk frum here. i dun it, witch i druther do almost innythang else besides wurkin at home. on tuther hand, tiz nice that thays that opshun.

the fever gut wurser on tuesdy n windsdy, so i stayed home. today i wonta wurk to try to ketch up, but they wood send me home ifn i wint in coffin this much.

so i will stay home n do as much as i kin frum here.

aint tecknology wunderfull?

meanwhile, did ye ketch how this administrayshuns intelligents gatherin is so shoddy that they caint even figger out who leaked valerie plames name after all this time? even tho folks lack libby has dun been indited n folks lack karl rove are makin a revolvin door outta mr fitzgeralds grand jury?

or did ye notiss how the iraq war that wuz spozed to pay fer itself n cost jes a few billyuns has costs runnin cumpletely outta cuntrol?

i reckun ye dun notissd that the war dint brang down the cost of gas at the pump, lack twuz eggspeckted to. its gittin so seryus everbidy, even publicans, is rethankin how much hep them oil cumpnies need to stay in bizness.

corse, one way to git sum money back is to dun our soljers.

christy hardin smith over at firedoglake asts a questchun that sez it all:
If things in Iraq are going so swimmingly, why is it that no US official ever makes an announced visit there?
n ifn thangs is gittin better, why do we still see this kinda story: Sister of Iraqi Vice President Shot Dead.

maybe a lil snow kin make it all look beeyootifull agin.

now to take a shower n login to wurk. (i dun a lil of it earlier this mornin, jes to git a start on the day.)

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