Saturday, April 22, 2006

songs writ by buddy don: slow down

yesterdy i couldnt post nuthin on a counta blogger bein down. i had me a ruff nite n couldnt sleep on a counta my mind racin a lil too much. i been tole by near everbidy that knows me well that i have only two speeds, hyper n comatoze.

as my mind raced over all thats a'goin on a wurk n the changes i am trine to ackcept bout my life n health, i couldnt sleep. i finely gut up roun midnite n red till bour 4 am. then i wint back to bed n slept n dreamt of this here Bohemian Hillbillies song, witch even tho i writ it, dont seem lack i ever let it do me inny good. the song wuz writ fer a musickull i will tell ye much more bout by n by, but all ye need to know now is the song is sung by death, a care ackter in the musickull. innywho, i figgerd ifn i played the em pee three fer ye, i mite here it my ownself. i hope to larn how to ...

Slow Down

Slow slow slow slow slow down, Everyman!
Slow slow slow slow slow down, Everyman!

Don't you know me?
I've been walking by your side from the day you were born

Oh, Everyman
I say, don't you know me?
Won't you open up your ears, can't you hear Gabriel's horn?
I am the original killer
I make no deals with woman or man
I'm at the heart of every thriller
Next to me you're just a flash in the pan
Still playing "Catch me if you can"
But I've got you in the palm of my hand
Oh, Everyman
You are one cool cat
You probably even think you're gonna get the full nine lives

Oh, Everyman
I'll say this about that
Once you have tasted my kiss only the soul survives!

Slow slow slow slow slow down
Slow slow slow slow slow down
Slow slow slow slow slow down, Everyman!

Have you forgotten your maker?

ye kin here the em pee three by clickin on the lank below:
Slow Down


Anne Johnson said...

Musta bin in the air last nite. I cuddn sleep neither. I kep hearin New Grass Revival songs in my haid, and that made me mad cause I like that band an don't want bad feelins when I hears their songs.

I am so glad yer migraines have eased up.

Todd Long said...

finding that middle speed is nigh on impossible...and i couldnt sleep either and right now i'm payin the price.....