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rare nite life of buddy don: book launchin

furst thangs furst, let me give thanks fer a migraine free day yesterdy n fer a good nites sleep last nite n fer a good mornin so far today. tiz proof god cuntinues to bless the undeservin.

since i wuz feelin so good yesterdy me n miz bd figgerd we could take in a book launchin over in man hattan. so happens miz bd is in the nwu n we gut sum friens that rites n publishes books, so we here bout book launchins ever so often. we dont always go, but we wuz verr lucky to be thar last nite.

twuz the book launchin of a book name of FDNY Crisis Counseling: Innovative Responses to 9/11 Firefighters, Families, and Communities writ by Paul Greene, Dianne Kane, Grace H. Christ, Sallie Lynch, n Malachy P. Corrigan.

the event wuz sponsord by The Counseling Service Unit of the FDNY, Fire Department City of New York, and Wiley. as a added treat, twuz held at The New York City Fire Museum.

ifn ye ever cum to new york city to visit ground zero, ye orta make a point of gittin up to 278 Spring St (tween Varick and Hudon Streets in soho). ye kin git a guided tour by a ackshull retarrd fireman. we wuz lucky a nuff to meet a feller name of wally malone. hes in his seventies n runs four miles ever day. the stories that man kin tell!

Wally Malone

the launchin wuz upstarrs on the thurd floor so we tuck the elevator up. thay wuz finger foods to eat n water n soft dranks n a big ole crowd of whut they used to call them beeyootifull people, witch they let us in innyway.

after everbidy had had em a chants to shake n howdy a nuff they tuck to publick speakin at us. a feller name of malachy corrigan, witch hes one of the authors, gut up to em cee thangs on a counta how he has been the die-recktor of the Counseling Services Unit of the fdny since 1982.

he innerduced us to the highest rankin uniformd member of the fdny, pete 'petey' hayden, witch hes the fdny chief of department. he give us a rousin speech bout how the fdny is fambly n twuz nowhar clearer than twuz on 9/11. he wuz die-recktin thangs n sed his day wuz a long strang of his men astin im, 'have you seen my son?' or 'have you seen my father?' or 'have you seen my brother?' he tole us how the csu had been so hepful n splaind whut some of them authors had dun fer it, witch heres thar blurbs frum the back of the book:
PAUL GREENE, PHD, is Associate Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department at Iona College. He was also a Firehouse Clinician for the Counseling Services Unit of the FDNY.

DIANNE KANE, DSW, CGP, is Assistant Director of the FDNY Counseling Services Unit, and an adjunct Associate Professor at Hunter College School of Social Work.

GRACE CHRIST, DSW, is Associate Professor at the Columbia University School of Social Work, Director of the Social Work Leadership Development Awards Program of the Project on Death in America, and Director of the FDNY/Columbia University Family Assessment and Guidance Program.

SALLIE LYNCH, MA, is a cultural anthropologist, and was the program coordinator of the FDNY/Columbia University Family Assessment and Guidance Program.

MALACHY CORRIGAN, MA, RN, has been the Director of the FDNY Counseling Services Unit since 1982.
soffice to say he wuz verr pleasd at the wurk everbidy had dun.

chief peter hayden

after that they rounded up them authors sos we could all git thar pitchers.

FDNY Crisis Counseling Authors, lef to rite: Peter Greene, Dianne Kane, Malachy Corrigan, Sallie Lynch, and Grace Christ

after we had seen em, they wuz made to sit down n sine books fer folks, seated lef to rite: Peter Greene, Sallie Lynch, Grace Christ, Dianne Kane, Malachy Corrigan

it gut purty busy:

once everbidy wuz millin about agin whilst them authors sined books, i went to see chief peter hayden agin, witch he wuz with a cuple other fireman whose names i missed tho ye kin see one of em:

we talked bout one of the mos amazin thangs i had larnd by readin sum drafts of that thar book, witch thats how them fdny folks aint paid hardly nuthin. not a one of em makes six figgers n this is in new york city, whar tiz verr eggspensive n whar even sum janitors makes six figgers. fer that matter, entry level pc support spots kin git moren the top guy in the fdny.

did i menchun how on 9/11 the fdny lost 343 of thar sons, fathers, brothers? in case ye wunderd, they wuz the ones that wuz goin agin the flow of folks, back up into the bildins.

so twuz a real insult to read this articull this mornin:
At a hearing of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that oversees the Justice Department's budget, Chairman Richard C. Shelby (Ala.) and Democratic colleagues sharply questioned Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales about an administration proposal to slash assistance to local law enforcement by more than $1 billion in fiscal 2007.

In unusually candid remarks, two key agency heads -- FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III and Drug Enforcement Administration chief Karen P. Tandy -- acknowledged that the proposed cuts could limit enforcement efforts and discourage local police from offering assistance in terrorism inquiries and other federal investigations.
aint it a shame that we wood treat our furst responders thataway?

whar could all that money be a'goin? could it be budgetin over a $1 billyun fer that strategick defents initshutive (star wars) that dont wurk? could it be makin shore we kin give tax brakes to folks that caint possibly spend all thar money? could it be spendin all our money fitin em over thar so we dont half to deefend ourself over here?

i dunno, but tiz grate that sumbidy has dun sumthin to hep, witch ye kin see a feller readin up on it rite here:

i hope yer havin a good moment. i hope ye git a nuther. i dont hope fer innythang more fer myself these days.

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