Saturday, April 08, 2006

random ten of buddy don: four days

countin blessins:
  1. i aint had no migraine since tuesdy
  2. larnt yesterdy that my applicayshun fer short term disabilty wuz approovd thru end of nex week ...
  3. ... witch i am hopin i dont have no more migraines n kin git back to wurk mundy week
  4. that means thays a chants of gittin thru this years wurst season without takin depakote
  5. yesterdy we had us a nice lil cellabrayshun fer paddy, fiance of our daughter loretta, witch twuz his birthdy on thursdy n fer once no migraine kep me away
  6. slept well last nite, witch i am gittin used to that elafunt mask i gut to wear fer sleep apnea
  7. this afternoon i have a sesshun of ackupunkchur at element healin with the amazin christina morris ...
  8. ... who shes frum tennessee
  9. i am havin a good moment n hopin fer a nuther
  10. i kin enjoy a lil musick!
heres whut cums up on the ipod:
  1. Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me by Mississippi John Hurt frum Rediscovered
  2. Uncommon Connection by John Hiatt frum Beneath This Gruff Exterior
  3. Lives in the Balance by Jackson Browne from Lives in the Balance (thisn holds up sprizingly well, witch fack is i lack it better now than i ever dun befor -- tiz topickull n sounds lack it mite coulda been writ yesterdy!)
  4. The Moon and St. Christopher by Mary Chapin Carpenter frum Shooting Straight in the Dark
  5. I'll Never Shed Another Tear by Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys frum The Complete Mercury Sessions
  6. Trap by The Cure frum Wild Mood Swings
  7. Oy by Gipsy Kings frum Este Mundo
  8. Shoot Out the Lights by X frum Beat the Retreat: Songs by Richard Thompson
  9. Love's in Need of Love Today by Stevie Wonder frum Songs in the Key of Life
  10. Africa Bamba by Santan frum Supernatural
then thays the news!
  1. Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 71 at Shiite Mosque
  2. Drug Plan's Side Effect Is Severe
  3. For President, First a Leak; Now, a Jam
  4. Divine Right of Bushes:
    If W. wants the information out, it's good for the country to make it public. If W. doesn't want the information out, it's bad for the country to make it public.
  5. Iraq soldier allegedly shoots, kills US Marine
sumtimes it seems i see my cuntry thru a glass darkly, so to speak:

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