Monday, April 03, 2006

mizry of buddy don: too whupped to fite it innymore

dont seem to matter whut i do, i caint shake them migraines. gut one a'goin yeterdy n tride to beat it with migraine strangth alleve, but i near choked on my own vomit in the middle of the nite. tuck imitrex a few mints ago. later on today i throw in the towel n call dr n, the new neurologist, n let im putt me on sum preventive lack depakote or topamax.

i have had a nuff n hope this will end it. i know thays a cost in side effecks, but aint nuthin free n i am too whupped to fite it innymore.


Tennessee Jed said...

I hate to see you feeling so whipped. I hope you can find the right mix soon!

Anne Johnson said...

Them medicines ain't no picnic, but if you don't drank mech you can git used to the fects. Depakote won't wear you out laak Zomig.

Now see? I jes remembered I din take ma lil' ol blue pill fer depression today. Sumtimes side fects help ya remember take the stuff.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope it works like a charm. The side effects were something I worried about too, but the relief was way more than any side effects.
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