Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ramblins of buddy don: thar aint no facks

nietzsche is famus fer claimin that thay aint no facks, jes interpretayshuns. in this age of 'news' that aint nuthin but two opponents repeatin thar spin points, ye kin see whut he meant. seems lack they dont even try no more.

story by seymour m. hersh name of THE IRAN PLANS; Would President Bush go to war to stop Tehran from getting the bomb?
cums out bout plans to use nukes to make shore iran dont git no nukes on a counta ifn they had nukes they mite use em (git the nuke out of yer own eye sos ye kin see clear to take the nuke outta yer enemys eye?) n whut kinda talk do we git frum our presdint? nuthin but 'wild speculayshun' cordin to mr bush ... n cordin to scott mcclellan as well, witch ye kin be shore tiz a spin point whenever they all say the same thang. taint no discusshun, no argument, no nuthin. no facks, jes interpretayshuns?

wuz mr bush trine to git joe wilson? seems obveeus, but thar arguin over whut is the meanin of 'leak' n all. tiz such a thang that even mr bush fergits spin points n runs outta innythang much to say. no facks, jes interpretayshuns?

ye kin use the same thang in war, witch thats whut thar a'doon with that Zarqawi feller. no facks, jes interpretayshuns?

wunder whar ye could git ye sum facks? mayhap ye could buy ye sum at a afghan bazaar.

dont know ifn tiz a fack or a interpretayshun, but i am havin a good day so far, witch ceptn a lil slip sundy, i been goin good fer rite near a week. miz bds a lil under the weather with a cold, so i kin return the faver (a lil) of nursin her.

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