Thursday, April 20, 2006

nitemares of buddy don: osama in pakistan

furst thangs furst frum the 'bewhar of whut ye wont on a counta yer a'gone git it' deepartmint: seems lack my trick of deletin the posts with the filthy lanks wurked. my traffick fer the last seven days is:
  • wed, 12 apr: 495
  • thu, 13 apr: 427
  • fri, 14 apr:446
  • sat, 15 apr: 459
  • sun, 16 apr: 435
  • mun, 17 apr: 484
  • tue, 18, apr: 469
  • wed, 19 apr: 176
i am willin to bet thay wont be 100 hits today, but i aint cumplainin on a counta lease thays a'gone be folks cummin to see sumthin i have writ or writ about or tuck a pitcher of or whutever, not whuther they kin git awful stuff to tittilate tharself.

secunt thangs secunt: thays a brillyunt parody ye mite lack here, witch the gratest praze i kin give it is i wish i had writ it my ownself. tiz writ by a feller name of kayakdave frum appalachian greens (a new favert fer me).

finely, the nitemare frum last nite: i dreamt i wuz talkin with miz bd bout the news. thay wuz chaos in pakistan, our miltary diktater frien (democrussy is on the march!) pervez musharraf had been kilt. i kep astin miz bd ifn twuz true that osama wuz in charge of pakistan or whuther he had dun gut thar nukes frum em. twuz a skeery dream, but whut wuz wurse wuz wakin up to see this story on the a.p. news wire: 7 Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Ambush.

corse, the hole idee that pervez musharraf could git killt or pakistan could fall into the hands of islamick eggstremists is only a dream, not real. it couldnt rilly happen, rite? not to one of our diktater friens, rite? not to a ally in the war on terra!


Anonymous said...

Traffic ain't quantity Buddy Don. It's QUALITY ;-)

Tennessee Jed said...

I bet if you started another site and wanted to attract viewers like the ones you were getting, you couldn't...crazy world.

I like Daves prayer reminds me of another hillbilly I know.