Friday, April 01, 2005

browsin of buddy don: sum favert blogs

i try to browse them blogs everday, witch lately i been havin to wurk too much to git round to as minny of em as i wood lack. but i did wonta menchun sum faverts that ye mite not have tride yet, so here goes, startin with sum of the newer blogs on the rocky top brigade:
  • furst i wonta menchun is whitescreek journal. the riter is a feller name of steve, witch hes dun moved out as far frum civilizayshun as he kin git n thang bout that is, he seems lack one of the mos civilized bloggers out thar. his ritin is superb, almos poetick. i recommend ye mite git started by readin his posts of march 24, witch it starts with a fine bit o'ritin name of 'thinking about life.' that orta git ye hooked, but ifn it dont, give his post frum yesterdy a read, witch tiz named 'Sorry Honey, I'm...' i bet yer a'gone git hooked.

  • a nuther new fave is Not in My Bible, witch tiz a blog by a christchun librul, witch i caint hardly see how ye kin read the bible -- speshly whenever jesus is a'talkin -- n not be a christchun librul. to git ye started, read his verr witty n astute post name of Well, sacrifices must be made for fiberty, greedom and lemocracy, witch i caint find no permalanks so ye need to go to his site n scroll down to read it.

  • ifn ye lack to read the cunservative side of thangs, then i recommend ye check out clark stooksburys blog name of clarkstooksbury, witch the bes thang bout it is how ye caint perdick whut he is a'gone say bout mos innythang. verr thoughtful n not the kind to repeat spin points, far as i kin see, witch that means he bleeves in the cunservative values that wuz importunt to my daddy n his generayshun. ye kin git a lil idee bout how this by readin one of his posts lack "Freedom" of Speech or sum of his longer ritin such as Red Team, Blue Team. ye mite notice rite away how this feller is a real riter that has published thangs in places lack the american conservative.
meanwhile, twoodnt do to menchun sum new faverts without listin my reglar rocky top reads:
  • corse, ye gut to start with the blog that started it all fer us, South Knox Bubba Ok, Then. this feller never fails to amaze me with how much he kin keep up with on bof the nashunull n local level, but i reckun mos folks readin my blog has dun stopped by his befor a'gittin here. ifn ye aint never been by skbs, then ye owe it to yerself to give it a read. ye wont regret it nun. by the way, check out his fridy bird bloggin: hes gut amazin talent as a fotogruffer, as this pitcher (my wallpaper) proovs.

  • deb over at sugarfused ia a nuther favert. i gut lured in by her haiku, witch she has exter ordinairy talent with seventeen lil syllabulls, but i keep cummin back to read bout her life n times.

  • nuther favert is straight white guy, witch he hepped me git started in bein pashunutt bout sangle malt scotches. thang bout eric is how he is a verr fine riter with grate (but weerd) taste in music. jes go by n start readin. twill becum a habit.
on a counta how im runnin outta time, ima gone list without comment a bunch of blogs that i try never to miss:hope ye git a chants to check inny blogs i menchuned that ye aint red yet. ye wont regret it.

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