Thursday, April 14, 2005

treetment of buddy don: the ancient method

i dint last too long at wurk yesterdy till i had to cum home, shoot sum zomig up my nose n pass out fer hours. lease i dint half to vomit.

the day befor i went to see the ackupunkchurist, witch he tuck my pulse n tole me i wuz a'gone be sick. i bleeve i alreddy wuz, tho i dint wonta add mitt it. i dint wonta add mitt it yesterdy to whar i went in to wurk n then had to cum home. he preescribed 'the ancient method' fer me to use that evenin, witchthe idee is ye induce a fever by takin the ma huang n bundlin up, but by the time i had cooked the erbs n gut the blankets on me, twuz verr late n i jes couldnt git the sweat to brake lack tiz spozed to. i wuz sprized to larn my case is a text book case, only the book is 2,000 years ole!

whenever i finely woke up yesterdy afternoon, i deecided i wood try to cumplete the 'ancient method' the ackupunkchurist had preescribed fer me to do fer as minny as five days in a row, ifn thats whut it tuck. the idee is that i cook the erbs, witch the mane one wuz ma huang, then to drank em while they wuz still hot n to eat sum hot oatmeal long with that.

once i had et n drunk all that, i wuz to git in bed with way too minny covers n blankets on me. i putt on sum exter cloze n a knit cap n dun jes whut he sed. miz bd put on a timer to ding after one hour. i wuz able to stay in that hot spot fer the hole hour n whenever twuz dun, i wuz drippin with sweat.

as soon as i gut up to take a shower n cool off, miz bd sed, 'yer back. my babys back.' she kin tell rite away ifn i gut a migraine even ifn i caint always tell my ownself.

i mite go back to see the ackupunkchurist agin today. at the verr lease, ima gone splain whut happend.

i shore hope this wuz jes a lil bump in the rode n not a new round of migraines.

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