Tuesday, April 05, 2005

frustrayshun of buddy don: bloggerd agin

i had sumthin i wuz a'gone post, but blogger wuz down whenever i had time to rite much. now tiz up jes in time fer me to leeve out fer wurk. so heres a few notes frum a articull writ by Michael Kinsley name of Democratic Superiority, by the Numbers. summa the facks he quotes bout how them publicans wins everthang is verr innerestin:
  • spending yer money: publicans do it faster: the avridge under dimcrats is only to increase spendin by $35 billions a year but them publicans grow it at $60 billions a year

  • cuttin taxes: publicans win agin. only problem is how fer sum reason, fedrul revenue falls when they gut power even tho they claim that cuttin taxes increases revenue, witch that brangs us to deficits ...

  • publicans win agin at runnin up deficits, with a avridge deficit of $131 billions a year whar yer dimcrats is jes $30 billions, witch yer publicans grow thar deficit by $36 billions a year on avridge while them puny dimcrats ackshly cuts it by a avridge of $25 billions a year.

  • keepin the gross domestick product frum growin too fast is a nuther place them publicans win: they keep increases in the gdp down to a respecktabull $165 billions a year while them dimcrats it grow by a avridge of $212 billions.
tiz amazin them dimcrats dont jes quit!

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