Saturday, April 23, 2005

cogitayshun of buddy don: dinner with a frien

las nite i had dinner with a frien of mine, witch hes a nuther riter i know. lease he used to be a riter. thang is how his ritin wuz a'killin im by makin im so hi one day n then leevin im deep in deepresshun the nex, witch folks call that 'bi poler cundishun' n i reckon mos folks has it to sum degree.

we been friens a long time n i dun read a heap of his books n hes red near everthang ive writ so twuz a sad sprize whenever he tole me he had give up ritin. twernt innerestin to im no more. he had to git im on sum lithium to keep frum ridin them ups n downs.

i couldnt hep but ast im dint he miss it? n wuz it wurth it to be cuntent ifn ye wuznt ritin no more. he tole me twuz a questchun bout the rong subjeck so i ast im whut the rite subjeck wuz.

'Life or death. And I prefer life.'

we talked on minny a topick after that till twuz time fer im to git to grand central to bord his train. then i walked back cross town a'wundern whuther he had made a good trade, wundern whuther i wood make the same trade ifn i larnt that them migraines wuz caused by ritin. wood it be wurth it to keep ritin?

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