Friday, April 29, 2005

pinions of buddy don: guts

we lack to watch the bbc world news report ever evenin. gives ye sum stories ye dont see on amurkin tv. taint run by folks that has to make a profit by gittin the biggest audients or sellin the mos ads, witch that means they lack to do jes plane ole news. no bof sides now, witch thats havin sumbidy frum each side to repeat thar partisan spin points while the host sez sumthin lack how tiz a innerestin dispute. dont matter how ridiculous one side mite be, taint lackly yer amurkin tv will try to figger witch side is rite. better to let em spew n say how tiz a innerestin deebate.

nuther thang ye dont git much on amurkin news is stories bout eleckshuns in other places. they had em one bout the eleckshun in england. they showed the two fellers runnin -- tony blair n michael howard -- sittin down in frunt of reglar folks fer a town meetin. twernt lack them thangs mr bush runs. seem lack they dint even have the sense to keep out folks that has hard questchuns to ast. one feller wuz tellin michael howard how he knew he wuz a immigrunt n how michael howard had to hate im fer whut he wuz a'doon. then whenever mr blair wuz up thar, a woman ast im how had he made such a awful miss take by sendin britsh troops to iraq. whenever he sed twuz his duty to make the bes choice possibull, she anserd by sayin twuz his duty to make the rite choice n he had muffed it.

them eggzamples aint half of it. point is, these two fellers put tharselves in frunt of a real audients that wuznt screened n let em ast inny questchun they wonted. so them folks ast sum tuff questchuns that almost gut mr blair n mr howard to lose thar cool.

while i wuz a'watchin that in amazement, i had to add mitt these two fellers were brave. they gut guts. balls. courage.

then i thought bout our presdent n cum to real eyes whut makes me so embarrassd by him: hes a coward. he spends millions of our tax dollars campainin fer his plan to dismantle soshul securty. he dont let innybidy in that mite not alreddy agree with im. he dont let folks ast real questchuns. in sted, they send a add vants team to make em rehearse whut thar a'gone be allowd to say. then he wunders why folks aint bein cunvints!

heres a hint: ye dont cunvert nobidy ifn ye only preech to the choir. ye dont cunvert nobidy ifn ye aint gut the courage to face the questchuns frum folks that dont agree with ye.

twuz a panefull thang to real eyes: our presdent, fer all his macho saber-rattlin n war talk n such, that feller that lacks to strut onto a stage in frunt of his ardent supporters, the feller that lacks to do macho thangs lack playin golf n joggin n clearin brush, the big ole macho man is a coward.

he aint gut the guts to face a hard questchun. in sted, he gits his folks to remoove innybidy that has or -- even mite have -- a differnt pinion:
Three Denver residents yesterday charged that they were forcibly removed from one of President Bush's town meetings on Social Security because they displayed a bumper sticker on their car condemning the administration's Middle East policies.

The three, all self-described progressives who oppose Bush's Social Security plan, said an unidentified official at an event in Denver last week forced them to leave before the president started to speak, even though they had done nothing disruptive, said their attorney, Dan Recht.

he even gits his handlers to take keer of his bullyin.

no, this feller aint gut no guts: hes a coward.

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