Friday, April 22, 2005

treetment of buddy don: bitter erbs

sumday i plan to rite a cumpar n contrast essay bout the differntses twixt westurn n easturn medicin. but i will say this fer now. frank butler of soho herbs n acupuncture hit paydirt furst time he perscribed erbs fer me. once i larnt how to cook em, they wurked jes fine. corse they cost a good $7 per day to buy em n two hours to cook em. but they wurked n i dint have a sangle symptum the hole time i wuz a'takin em.

that wooda dun it fer westurn medicin. fack is, thar satisfied with givin me zomig to keep me frum barfin. ifn the zomig dont wurk, they dun give me syringes n sum stuff name of raglan. no matter whut, they know they need to stop the vomitin.

but that aint good a nuff fer frank. he sed keepin me on them erbs wood jes be treetin the symptums n not eliminatin the cause. he sed twuz lack we are in a leaky boat. with them furst erbs, we gut us a way of bailin out so we dont go under. but we caint bail ferever. in sted, we gut to repair the hole in the boat. n fer that, he needs to move me frum one erbull recipe to a nuther.

the idee is to see whut them recipes have in common that mite make em wurk. each recipe has a number of differnt erbs. frum one recipe to a nuther, sum erbs dont change. by trackin witch recipes wurk n witch dont, he kin figger out whut the real problem is n stop it thar. once thats dun, he sed i woodnt need no more erbs.

so todays erbs is as bitter as kin be, moren coffee. but they wurk, and that aint nuthin but sweet.

finely, as ye kin planely see, whut that gua sha treetment dun to my back is a'healin up jes fine:

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