Sunday, April 24, 2005

cogitayshun of buddy don: even god caint proov thay aint no god

i tole ye yesterdy bout havin dinner with a frien of mine on fridy, witch he used to be mayhap the bes riter i knew n i been lucky a nuff to know a passel of em.

innywho, hes always been a verr devout soul n a bleever in god. but he started a'gittin that bi-polar cyckle of mania follerd by deepresshun frum relijun n god, even tho i never met a more spiritchul feller. but faith wuz a torment to im so he had give it up, dint go to church no more, dint even bleeve in god. he talked on bout the change in faith, even called hisself a 'atheist' a time or two. he sed the hole thang wuz baggage he dint need to be a'totin round everwhar with im, that kinda thang.

i reckun i wuz jes as sprized as he wuz whenever i disagreed with im n sed i dint bleeve thay wuz inny way fer a honest thankin person to be a atheist. when he ast me why, i splained it thisaway:

ifn ye wonted to proov thay aint no god, ye wood have to proov a negative, witch taint sumthin that kin be dun. jes ast them iraqis who claimed they dint have no wmd but couldnt proov it on a counta how ye caint proov a negativ. (wunder did we larn that we wuz astin fer proof nobidy could pervide?)

but ifn ye wuz still a'gone try to proov they aint no god, then ye wood need to know fer sartin whut god wood look ifn he, she, it or them wuz here, thar, innywhar, or everwhar. corse, since yer trine to proov that god dont eggzist, ifn ye knew whut he, she, it or them looked lack, then ye wooda dun add mitted he, she, it or them eggzists. (ye wood half to fall back on arguin that gods dead or sumthin.)

so ye caint know whut god wood look lack. that means ye wood half to proov thay aint no god by a process of eliminayshun. fer that ye wood half to know how everthang that they is in the hole universe is spozed to be, assumin it aint god. in uther wurds, ye wood half to be omnishunt.

then ye wood half to check everthang that wuz innywhar to make shore everthang wuz jes itself n not god. not only that, but ye wood half to doot everwhar at once to make shore god wuznt a'hidin, say, in the milky way whilst ye wuz a checkin the sc spiral galaxy m100. that means ye wood half to be omnipresent.

then to make shore god hadnt died at sum point, ye wood half to check thru out all time, frum the verr beginnin (if inny) to the verr end (if inny). that means ye wood half to be eternull.

now ifn ye wuz omnishunt, omnipresnut n eternull, woodnt ye be god?

my frien seem lack he dint have a reddy anser, so he tuck a few bites of pasta n chewd fer a bit. then he ast me wuz i a'sayin that to proov thay aint no god, ye wood half to be god?

i tole im that wernt it. whut i meant wuz: even god his ownself couldnt proov thay aint no god on a counta he wood be god n his eggzistunts wood disproove the claim that thay aint no god. n ifn god couldnt proov thay aint no god, then how could a lesser bein doot? how could eethur one of us doot?

we had a lil chuckle n ponderd it in futher conversayshun over coffee n deesert till we sumhow cum to sumthin we bofus recolleckted a'hearin even ifn we caint say whar. twuz how gautama buddha had tole one of his deeciples that pondern the questchun of whuther thays a god or not tends not to lead to enlitenment.

i count it as a blessin that my mind aint plagued by the questchun of whuther thay is a god or not. i wish the same fer my good frien. but seems to me lack the questchun of whuther thay is a god or not -- witch, thats the questchun of whuther innythang means innythang -- i bleeve that questchuns a'doggin im everday even ifn he claims he dont bleeve nuthin.

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