Wednesday, April 13, 2005

misry of buddy don: ye mean taint over yet?

yesterdy i went to the acupunkchurist agin. they tuck my pulse n looked at my tung. then the boss cum in n dun the same n sed i wuz about to be sick. dint hardly seem fair, but i had to add mitt to feelin awful all day long -- deepressd fer no reason, irrtabull as could be. he give me a new formula fer erbs -- ma juang (sp?) wuz the mane thang, idee bein to induce a fever n knock out whut ever wuz a cummin. i cooked em erbs n drunk em hot with hot oatmeal n lay down under a bunch of blankets till i wuz so hot i couldnt stand it hardly. the idee wuz to brake a sweat, witch twuz hard to tell ifn it dun it.

this mornin miz bd almos woodnt let me outta the house, witch she kin generly see whuther ima gittin sick quickern i kin. but i hate to give up after thangs has been so good fer near two months (april 24 wood make it two, so i reckun tiz fair to say, fer seven weeks or so). now my mouth is a'watern n no doubt the bile is a'gone wonta cum up. but shorely a bidys willpower is good fer sumthin. so i plan to go longs i kin today.

i wooda writ more, but the innernets wuz down this mornin durin my normal bloggin time.

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