Tuesday, April 26, 2005

perplexity of buddy don: hypocrussy is a good thang?

as ye mite know alreddy, the 45 dimcrat senators represent more folks than the 55 publican senators. fack is, the senate wuz invented to make shore the majorty dint turn into a dicktatership over the minorty. fer that reason, ye git two senators per state, even lil bitty states lack utah, witch they dont have as minny folks as ye gut in washington dc (whar they git taxayshun without representayshun on a counta how they wood be dimcrats n caint be allowed the same rites folks in other places git).

so tiz only natcherul that the senate wood have sumthin lack a filibuster sos the minorty kin keep the majorty frum runnin over it. them publicans used it well, even mr frist who lacks to tell the lie that twuznt never used befor now even tho he wuz a'usin it in 2000 his own self! (kin it be that lyin n hypocrussy are cunsidderd good qualities fer publicans to have?):
On March 8, 2000, thirteen Senators, all of whom were Republicans, attempted to filibuster Marsha Berzon for U.S. Circuit judge. You can read the roll call vote right here. Eight of these Seantors are currently in the United States Senate: Allard (CO), Brownback (KS), Bunning (KY), Craig (ID), DeWine (OH), Enzi (WY), Inhofe (OK) and Shelby (AL). None of these eight have expressed opposition to the elimination of judicial filibusters, a practice they themselves once tried to engage in. Later that same day, those same thirteen Senators, in addition to Senator Bill Frist, attempted to filibuster the nomination of Richard Paez to US Circuit Judge. You can read the roll call vote on that one here.
so i reckon twuz a bit of a sprize to read this poll.

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