Wednesday, April 27, 2005

fambly of buddy don: eli calls

i gut a call frum eli this mornin roun 4 am, witch i wuz awake but dint wonta talk on the fone verr furst thang in the day. innywho, he called back around five. i denied the colleck call n called im back.

he wuz full of news bout his evenin, witch it started whenever he went to church with our sister roena may. he went down to the altar whenever they called fer folks to cum ford. he testifide whenever they called fer that. he sez he lef full of the holy spirit.

but bein a skizofrenick or sumbidy who has the 'windows of percepshun' wide open, he knew the devil wood attack im n shore a nuff, he found his mind filld with disturbin images. all of this is purty typicull of eli.

so he deecided he wood call sumbidy fer hep. he called 30 differnt churches n only gut one human to anser, witch she wuz too tired to talk. so he called his favert christchun rock stayshun, but turnt out not to be a local thang but a nashunull outfit that dint have nobidy thar to anser thar fones. he called the daily wurd, but the tole im they wood only pray fer folks, not talk to em. he called the hospitull n they tole im to call the cathlick church n that thay wuz always sumbidy thar. so he called n gut sumbidy, but they tole im they couldnt talk to nobidy that wuznt a cathlick.

he sed he suz sprized but not sprized. the spirit mite be willin but tiz hard to talk to folks that bleeves angels n demons is real, that bleeves thays attackin im. woodnt nobidy talk to im.

we talked fer a while, bout how much we miss maisie n how she wood always talk to im no matter whut time, day or nite. he sed sumbidy had tole im how she wood half to go to hell n he sed ifn he wuz in heaven n knew maisie wuz in hell, he woodnt be able to enjoy heaven. a preechur tole im that god wood wash his mind clean of inny memory of innybidy in hell (how could innybidy know such a thang?), but eli sed ifn god wuz a'gone wipe out his memries, then woodnt that make im sumbidy else besides eli?

so i tole im he mite wonta read the heart of the matter by graham greene on a counta how that deals with the same questchuns n issues that cuncern maisies fate. he laffed n tole me he luved me n that he figgerd god had guided im to call me n larn that name of that book, witch he sed he wood git im a copy n read it this verr day.

but he sed he thought twuz odd how not one christchun wood talk to im. i sed maybe twuz so, but jesus wood be lisnin no matter whut n he sed twuz so but he needed to speak to a human now n then. i sed thats whut ye gut fambly fer.

tiz true, but i feel fer eli, the loneliest human i know.

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