Thursday, April 07, 2005

ramblins of buddy don: this n that

ifn ye aint been readin joshua micah marshalls blog, then ye mite coulda missed out on the bes coveridge possibull of the soshul securty trix mr 'there is no trust' bush has been perpetratin on everbidy. yesterdy he writ one of the bes analyses yet of how mr 'there is no trust' bush has raided the soshul securty trust fund n wonts to git the gummint outta havin to pay it back. in case ye dint wonta foller that lank, heres sum hi points:
  • gummint debt in september 2001 wuz jes a lil moren $5.8 billions but by the end of last munth, mr 'there is no trust' bush had gut it to rise up to a lil lessn $7.8 trillion (witch ye gut to give mr 'there is not trust' bush credit fer doin so much to hep git that number up thar -- he ackshly increased it by over 25% in jes four lil years, tho to be fair, the intrest on the existin debt is part of the new debt!)

  • soshul securty trustees report claims the trust fund has $1.7 trillion, witch ifn ye dont lack math, thats lessn the debt mr 'there is no trust' bush has dun run up.

  • durin all the borryin that mr 'there is no trust' bush, he has dun borried $800 billions frum the soshul securty trust fund (but wuznt all them jokes bout the lockbox funny? wuznt they all reason a nuff to vote agin mr gore in 2000 n let mr bush win even ifn he ackshly dint win? ifn we had that silly lockbox, we woodnta been able to cut taxes fer the richest 1% near as much as we dun!)

  • thays two kinds of debt, publick n intergummintal, witch the publick is whut we owe to the japanese n chinese (manely) n lots of other forn gummints while yer intergummintal debt is whut the gummint dun borried frum yer soshul securty n medicare trust funds

  • seem lack mr 'there is no trust' bush wonts to git outta payin the intergummintal back to amurkins on a counta he caint have no permanent tax cuts n pay amurkins back.

  • corse, ye caint thank bout not payin them japanese n chinese investers, so thonly ones ye could possibly git outta payin back is yer own amurkins!

  • thays more, but i caint say it near as well as mr marshall dun, so please click this phrase n read.
in case ye dont agree that mr 'there is no trust' bush wonts to cheat us all outta the exter money we been payin into the trust fund fer the past 22 years, ye mite wonta read this.

mayhap ye wunder how them publicans is payin fer all the politickin on soshul securty that mr 'there is no trust' bush n minny other members of his cabnet n adminstrayshun is a'doin here lately, witch aint no need to wurry bout the publicans wastin thar own money on such a thang since they kin waste yourn instead.

corse, mr 'there is no trust' bush has got his priorties strate, dont he? why wurk on real problems when ye kin attack soshul securty with a solushun that makes it weaker? why bother with a real problem, lack health care?

corse, not all the news is good. turns out that talkin points memo on how to make politicull hay frum the schiavo case wuznt really writ by a clever dimcrat (is thay inny?) after all, but a nuther publican dirty trixter! why do they git to have all the fun?

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