Thursday, April 21, 2005

treetment of buddy don: fadin into new erbs

mis bd went over to chinatown to git a new bunch of erbs fer me yesterdy. i cooked em las nite in hopes i wood be well today, witch tiz a deelite to say i feel grate this mornin n dint have the lease temptayshun to vomit. so ima gone back to wurk, witch twill be grate to be thar tho i aint gut no doubt bout how far behind ima gone be. but thats movin up to a better problem than i had whenever i wuz a'lyin in the fog/sleep of zomig hopin i woodnt start barfin.

not only that, but ye kin see how the results of that gua sha has alreddy faded, witch frank butler sed they wood:

tiz also amazin to me how they rubbed mos ever part of my back, but the red stuff (they call that 'sha') only cum up on parts of my back. heres a closer look:

caint make no promisses on a counta how i caint perdick frum one day to the nex how ima gone feel, but i hope i kin put together a chaptur fer tomorrow. at the moment, im happy jes to be feelin this good this late in the mornin.

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