Thursday, March 31, 2005

ramblins of buddy don: this n that

ifn ye foller this lank, ye kin read whuts by far the bes thang that has yet been writ bout that case in florida.

in sum cuntries, folks has been known to be 'disappeard' without a trace, witch that means they git swallerd up by a gummint that dont respeck human rights.

ye woodnt git that ifn yer cuntry wuz run by laws n not the whims of men, witch thats how we know it caint happen here (n also why we gut to send em over thar).

ye gut to perteck yer cuntry on a counta who knows? sum of them folks that gits locked up mite could be guilty (as hi as 30%!).

n even ifn thay aint, kin we afford to take chantses jes on a counta sum 18th centry librul idees bout human rights?

aint no way that kinda thang could happen here, tho, on a counta how we gut free speech n folks kin let thar feelins be knowd without gittin kicked out of events paid fer by thar tax dollars (or am i confusin thangs by thankin we still bleeve all that stuff bout free speech?).

thank goodness we dun enterd a era of persunal responsibilty whar folks is held accountabull fer thar ackshuns (agin, i gut to wunder: have i woke up in the rong cuntry?).

but a nuff of fun n idle chit chat, lets git to sumthin importunt: did ye know that thay wuz jes seven basick plots to all stories?

back whenever i wuz in collidge, john gardner cum to utk to give a talk whar he claimed thay wuznt but two basick plots:
  1. stranger cums to town
  2. boy takes a journey
ye kin make mos plots fit into thatn, but longs the topick is plots, thays a nuther counter of story items name of georges polti who writ a book claimin thays 36 dramatick situwayshuns.

corse, nuthin spices up a plot lack god (n hollywood)!

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