Wednesday, March 09, 2005

treetment of buddy don: nuther visit to the ackupunkchurist

yesterdy evenin i had my thurd visit to soho herbs n ackupunkchur. twuz the furstn i had since i larnt how to take them erbs n gut to whar i bleeve i been 'cured' of them migraines. turnt out yesterdy wuz a good test fer it on a counta how twuz 55 n spranglack in the mornin but blowin snow in hard winds n temps droppin tords 10 degrees f. twuz a verr steep drop in barometrick presshur, witch befor them erbs wood mean twuz time to take my zomig or hug the toilet.

so ye kin jes bet how the mane guy at soho erbs n ackupunkchur frank butler wuz verr happy to see how much better i dun gut. he could see it, witch mos everbidy who knows me has sed the same thang bout how differnt i am now.

but the reason fer todays post is to splain whut frank butler thanks i had n whut he dun to fix it. fer one thang, tiz a verr differnt a proach to medicin in the east frum that ye gut in the west. in the west the ast bout yer symptums, but dont ast bout yer reglar way a'bein. but the easturn a proach is to ast nuthin bout yer symptums but everthang bout he ye live. i dun splaind that a few posts ago.

so the way they splain whut they dun to fix me is also a lil differnt frum whut i been told by my westurn docters, witch them westurn docters talk bout beta blockers n food triggers n weather triggers n how we dont know near as much bout migraines as we wood need to know to solve em fer good. lots a talk bout capillaries in the head n halo effecks n how ye caint do nuthin but treat the symptums n ride em out. but in tcm (tradishunull chinese medicin), they dont talk bout nun of that. they take yer pulse on both sides n make sevrull notes bout the differnts. they look at yer tongue. they stick needles in ye n give ye a good massage. n they give ye them erbs.

so las nite, after i had dun had them needles in me, i cum out n frank wonted to talk bout whut he dun to fix me, witch wuz he give me a recipe of erbs thats over 2,500 years ole! n whut he wuz a'treatin wuz sumthin lack ... the flu! he sed sum kinda way i gut 'a flu' n never did git it cumpletely cured so it could cum back over n over agin whenever my bidy let down its deefentses. the erbs wuz to cure me of that. turns out i wont half to take them erbs ferever, but jes long a nuff to git that 'flu' outta me.

frank could see i wuz havin a lil truble bleevin twuz 'the flu' so he tole me i needed to thank bout it lack twuz a metafor. tiz a way of lookin at the illness. (did sumbidy tell im how i luv to use metafor to splain thangs my ownself?)

innywho, i dont keer how tiz splaind on a counta how tiz wurkin. after i lef soho erbs, i had to git my nex weeks supply of erbs, witch that meant walkin in the blowin snow up to grand street n kamwo erb n tea cumpny. ye caint git a cab when the weather is awfull, so i walked n it tuck me near half a hour to walk a lil over a mile.

but twuz wurth it. i jes finishd cookin my herbs fer the day. sum say the taste is terrbull, but ima gittin to lackin it! cheers (i wont waste slainte on innythang but scotch!)

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