Friday, March 11, 2005

pinions of buddy don: we dont need a nuther 401k

thats whut thar trine to do with soshul securty: make it into a nuther 401K. we gut ira's n 401k's, so why caint we have sum insurants to go long with it? it has wurked verr well fer 70 years. ye wont git as much cuntrol as ye gut with yer 401k, so whut are ye gittin frum it but a nuther thang to wurry bout?

also, ifn folks is too apathetick to vote, why are they gone be willin to spend all the time n truble it takes to make shore yer investments cum out? i dont wont to spend my time larnin how to game the market. i druther rite.

n thats whut i lack bout soshul securty: i dont half to wurry bout that part of my invesment. i never had to wurry bout that part of my investment. i could concentrate on doon whut god sent me here to do.

in sted, everday i find myself pissed off bout the constant attacks agin our gummint n way of life by the publicans. ach! tiz a nuff, alreddy.

we dont need a nuther 401k!

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