Tuesday, March 29, 2005

treetment of buddy don: migraine progress report

ever time thangs is gettin ruff with migraines, i tend to bellyache bout it up in this here blog, so the lease i kin do is let ye know whenever thangs is a'goin good, witch they is.

las time i went to see frank butler, the ackupunkchurist, he tole me i wuz doin so good that i woodnt need to see im agin till april 12. also, i only half to drank half as much of them erbs each mornin so long as i dont git no more migraine symptums. so far, so good. tiz nice to know this thang mite have a end of sum kind, that i could git 'better' n not look ford to a life of migraines.

meanwhile, tuther docter name of docter mauskop give me a subscripshun fer syringes n sum medicin that makes ye quit a'vomitin ... n more zomig. so ifn i git a nuther migraine, i orta not suffer so. as frank butler tole me the furst time i seen im, tradishunull chinese medicin aint fer treetin symptums but fer gittin rid of the problem. so with medicull tradishuns from east n west a'wurkin together, bof sides is coverd: western medicin fer symptums, eastern fer the cawze. ye mite call it the bes of bof worls.

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