Tuesday, March 01, 2005

treetment of buddy don: whut the docter sed

as ye mite member, i went to see dr mauskop yesterdy to talk bout them migraines. i made the pointment before i had tride them chinese erbs n ackupunkchur, so i dint know i mite coulda found the anser. fack is, we had us a cuple huge weather changes in the past four days, but i aint had no ill effecks atall.

innywho, dr mauskop tole me he could give me botox in my scalp, witch he claims a'doon this four times a year kin keep them migraines away frum ye. taint my kinda treetment, tho. he sed thay aint nuthin rong with keepin on with the erbs fer as long as they wurk, but ifn they dont, hes reddy with the botox. he also give me perscripshuns fer more zomig n fer syringes to injeck to stop vomitin ifn it should start agin (ragalan?).

finely, heres the migraine diary i tuck to the docter, witch ye kin see how them migraines has been a'gittin wurser n a'cummin more often. but them erbs is amazin n so far, they been a'wurkin lack a charm.

buddy don's migraine diary
1. Sunday, 3/28/2004: I didn't make many notes about this one, but at the time, I'd just had the first (and only) migraine that featured head pain instead of nausea.

2. Saturday, 9/18/2004: First of the migraines I got from eating canned soup from Bahr's Landing. Normally, we make our own soup, but because we like this restaurant, when we saw it had a brand of soup, we bought it. Took zomig and slept all day.

3. Monday, 10/4/2004: Another Bahr's Landing migraine. Took zomig and slept all day.

4. Monday -- Wednesday, 10/18/2004 -- 10/20/2004: three days of migraines, all caused by Bahr's Landing soup, each migraine seeming to start anew in the morning. Took zomig and I slept deeply each time. Called Dr. Mauskop during the third one. He explained that I had done something different, eaten soup in a restaurant or out of a can, something that had MSG or other artificially flavoring. He read me a list of items, which I repeated to my wife who was looking at the ingredients on the can, one of which Dr. Mauskop listed.

5. Sunday, 11/14/2004: Sunday migraine. Weather changes? Took zomig and slept all day.

6. Sunday, 11/21/2004: Sunday migraine. Weather changes? Took zomig and slept all day.

7. Saturday, 11/27/2004: Saturday migraine. My wife predicted it would happen based on the weather changes that were on the way, radical swing from warm to cold and breezy. Took zomig and slept all day.

8. Saturday -- Sunday, 12/18/2004 -- 12/19/2004: Weekend migraine lasting two days. Noticed I was very tender headed on Friday, 12/17/2004. Took zomig and slept all day each day.

9. Monday -- Tuesday, 12/20/2004 -- 12/21/2004: I was a little shaky but trying not to admit I was having a migraine when I returned to work, but by midday, I was too nauseous to work and went home. Took zomig and slept all afternoon. Took it again on Tuesday and slept all day.

10. Thursday, 1/6/2005: Woke with migraine symptoms but wondered if that meant a migraine would come no matter what. If I take zomig, I lose the day, so I thought I would see if the opening symptoms always lead to a migraine. Made it until 1 PM before going home with nausea. Took zomig and slept all afternoon. Shortly after this, called to request an appointment with Dr. Mauskop; first available date was 2/28/2005.

11. Sunday, 1/16/2005: Sunday migraine. I was tender headed on Saturday. Vomited for 16 hours (5 AM to 9 PM). Took zomig twice, but it had no effect. The migraine finally broke when I took a shower.

12. Monday -- Wednesday1/24/2005 -- 1/26/2005: Three day migraine from weather changes. Took zomig early each day and slept most of day. Could not get the migraine to "click off" at the end of the first two days.

13. Friday -- Thursday, 2/12/2005 -- 2/17/2005: Worst migraine yet, lasting 6 days. Fri (2/11) weather changed from warm and still to cold and windy.
Sat tender head.
Sun took medicine to avoid vomiting and worst symptoms.
Mon, took medicine @ 5 AM before vomiting, but it had no effect; vomited 13 hours; took double medicine but it had no effect. Eventually (at about 6 PM) I took a shower (my fifth, since I tried to get the attack to stop by taking a shower all day long), which finally broke the spell.
Attempted to work on Tuesday, but was sent home vomiting.
Got an appointment for Wednesday at 10 AM with Dr. Pitaro. He referred me to an acupuncturist, Frank Butler of Soho Herbs and Acupuncture. Saw Frank that day and had first acupuncture. Had herbs delivered to my home, arriving 2/21/2005. Couldn't properly "cook" them Monday or Tuesday, but acquired a pot and the right method on Tuesday evening when I had my second acupuncture session.

14. Tuesday, 2/22/2005: Migraine (weather?) with nausea. Took zomig twice, slept much of day, went for acupuncture (with my wife along to keep me from falling asleep).

On Wednesday morning, I finally learned how to cook the herbs and took them. Thursday was the first good day this year. Friday was even better. For the first time in months, I don't feel as if I could slip into a migraine at almost any moment.

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