Wednesday, March 23, 2005

obsesshuns of buddy don: nuther sangle malt scotch tastin

las nite me n miz bd joined our irish frien n his wife mawz over at keens fer a nuther sangle malt scotch tastin. as ye mite coulda noticed, we luv larnin all we kin bout sangle malt scotches. ye mite could say we is obsessd. we been a'studyin up on it, a'readin books n goin to lectchurs but manely drankin as minny differnt kinds of whisky (n whiskey too) as we kin. we count our blessins bout aliving whar ye kin git mos inny kinda sangle malts they sells in the u s of a. bes of all, thays a slew of sangle malt scotch drankers that cums to man hattan n that means ye kin git a nuff of em together to have tastins.

so las nite round 7:20, jes in time, we made it to keens n tuck our seats fer a tastin name of Scotch Whisky from the Inside: A Special In-Depth Seminar and Tasting with F. Paul Pacult.

heres whut thangs looked lack frum my seat as thangs wuz cummencin:

they had em ten whiskys pored out fer each of us, witch we wuz lucky a nuff to be sittin at a table with two exter places n me n my irish frien dint let nun of the better stuff go to waste, witch all em malts wuz purty good ceptn the furstn. heres the list of whut we tasted with msrp prices:
  1. Unaged barley spirit
  2. Tomintoul 16-Year-Old Speyside Malt Whisky, 40%, $55
  3. Glendiffich 15-Year-Old Solera Reserve Speyside Malt Whisky, 40%, $40
  4. Balvenie 12-Year-Old DoubleWood Speyside Malt Whisky, 43%, $48
  5. Dalwhinnie 15-Year-Old Central Highlands Malt Whisky, 43%, $52
  6. Glenfiddich 18-Year-Old Ancient Reserve Speyside Malt Whisky, 43%, $60
  7. Johnnie Walker Gold 18-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky, 40%, $75
  8. Bruichladdich XVII 17-Year-Old Islay Malt Whisky, 46%, $120
  9. Lagavulin 16-Year-Old Islay Malt Whisky, 43%, $80
  10. Bowmore "Darkest" Islay Malt Whisky, 43%, $65
far as me n miz bd n our irish frien n his wife kin tell that aint no bad sangle malts, but thays sum thats definitly bettern otherns. twuz so las nite. my favert wuz lagavulin, witch me n miz bd had dun tasted all but the tomintoul, bruichladdich n bowmore. we dun knew lagavulin wuz our favert of the reglar distillry bottlins. sos ye kin git a idee of our taste, heres our faverts so far (not cunsidderin speshul bottlins n verr eggspensize stuff -- in other wurds, most of these is the mos poplar but cheaper ages):
  1. lagavulin 16
  2. laphroaig 10
  3. talisker 10
  4. ardbeg 10
  5. bruichladdich 10
  6. ledaig 15
  7. caol ila 12
  8. clynelish 14
  9. glenmorangie 10 (or glenmorangie 18, ifn ye kin afford it)
  10. bunnahabhain 12
  11. springbank 12
  12. highland park 12
  13. glenfarclas 17 (a lil pricey but good)
  14. the macallan 12
  15. dalmore 12
  16. bowmore 17 (a lil eggspensive but tiz wunderful with chocklut)
aint no doubt im a'missin sum, but ye git the idee. we lack em peaty n thats why thays so minny islays at the top. we lack glenlivet n glenfiddich ok, but we aint fans on a counta how it seems lack tiz thonly sangle malts ye kin git at lots of places n i reckon we resent that a lil even tho taint fair. we also lack em yung generly bettern ole. fer instunts, we tried bruichladdich 10 n 15 n lacked the 10 a lot better. same with laphroaig 10 vs 15, caol ila 12 vs 18, ledaig 15 vs 20 n so on. seems lack thays a bit tastier or sumthin. tholder ones is smoother n more delicutt but sumtimes they dont seem as vibrunt. i caint find the wurds. mayhap thays a simpler splainayshun: we dont lack spendin so much money fer likker!

thangs gut fuzzier as the nite went on (my battries died whenever i tuck this here pitcher):

after twuz over, we bought us a copy of f paul pacult's new book name of A Double Scotch: How Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet Became Global Icons by f paul pacult. he wuz nice a nuff to sine it fer us, witch that n a lil talk with our friens made fer a fine endin to the evnin.

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