Saturday, March 26, 2005

more pall gees of buddy don: gratest show on earth

we jes gut back frum that ringling bros n barnum & bailey circus over at madison square garden, witch miz bds daughter tuck us to celebrate mis bds birthdy n our anniversry. twuz a deelight. but on a counta that, i dint git to finish the chaptur ima wurkin on even tho i dun sum more wurk on it.

but tiz a nuff to say whut a wunderful time we all had at the circus. las time i saw the big show i wuz six n twuz in knoxvull in 1958. las time miz bd went twuz the same year n also in knoxvull, tho i dint have no way of knowin bout her bein thar then. twuz after the grate deevorce, witch i orta splain thatn by n by. till then, happy easter fer them that celebrates it n happy weekend to everbidy else lessn thar wurkin n ifn yer wurkin, i hope ye have a perductiv day!

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