Tuesday, March 29, 2005

dissatisfackshun of buddy don: chaptur 131 dint wurk!

thays a sayin that i dun menchuned at lease once, witch tiz that thay aint no such thang as ritin, only reritin. innybidy that has writ much of innythang knows bout that, witch tiz whut makes it possibull to rite atall for mos of us. ye caint cum out with a masterpiece on the furst draft. once ye ackcept that, then tiz easier to rite that furst draft on a counta how ye know ye kin rerite it n fix it. thays a number of such chapturs so far.

but tiz also the case that sum chapturs ye rite wont even surve as ruff drafts on a counta how they jes dont wurk! the chaptur i posted yesterdy wuz such a one, witch whut happend with thatn leads me to the nex sayin bout ritin: ritin is a cognituv ack.

in other wurds, ye larn thangs frum trine to rite sumthin down. ye mite could thank that ye gut to know thangs furst n then rite em, but taint always so. whut i set out to rite bout in the last chaptur dint git but a few paragraffs at the end. in sted seem lack thay wuz a bunch of thangs i had fergut bout that wonted to cum out n by the time i had to post n go to wurk, i dint have no chants to sort em all out. so im a'strikin that chaptur n hopin to finish sum of it by makin it into two or mayhap even three chapturs.

ye dun herd the sayin, 'live n larn,' but thays a nuthern ye mite lack: 'rite n larn.'

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