Thursday, March 10, 2005

pinions of buddy don: lemme git this strate

they kin infiltrate us. heres how thar a'doon it in iraq:
Insurgents Posing as Police Kill Baghdad Officer

By Elizabeth Piper

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Insurgents posing as policemen killed a central Baghdad police chief on Thursday, stopping his truck at a fake checkpoint, asking his name and shooting him while filming the attack, police sources said.

Iyad Nassif, who was traveling to work at Salhiya police station when his vehicle was stopped, was shot dead along with two other policemen.

The U.S.-backed interim government has set up a new police force, army and security service, often trained by foreign instructors, to instil a sense of order in Iraq (news - web sites). But many say for a payment, insurgents can easily penetrate their ranks.
heres how we figgerd they probly dun infiltrated us here:
Spy Agencies Fear Some Applicants Are Terrorists

By Bob Drogin
Times Staff Writer

March 8, 2005

WASHINGTON — U.S. counterintelligence officials are increasingly concerned that Al Qaeda sympathizers or operatives may have tried to get jobs at the CIA and other U.S. agencies in an effort to spy on American counterterrorist efforts.

So far, about 40 Americans who sought positions at U.S. intelligence agencies have been red-flagged and turned away for possible ties to terrorist groups, the officials said. Several such applicants have been detected at the CIA.
heres the skeeriest paragraffs frum that same articull:
Paul Redmond, a longtime CIA officer who works for the counterintelligence office, called it an "actuarial certainty" that spies have infiltrated U.S. security agencies. He warned that, because of efforts since Sept. 11 to more widely share critical intelligence as part of broader reforms, the danger of espionage was growing.

"I think we're worse off than we've ever been," he said.
but we been havin trubles infiltratin them:
The CIA director, Porter J. Goss, last month gave the White House plans to increase by 50% the number of CIA clandestine officers and analysts in an effort to improve intelligence on terrorist groups and the spread of weapons of mass destruction. During his Senate confirmation hearings in September, Goss said the agency would need years to train and deploy enough case officers to meet the current challenge.

"The great bulk of what we need is more than five years out there," he said at the time.

The National Security Agency, the spy service that eavesdrops on communications to collect intelligence, announced plans last fall to hire 7,500 employees over the next five years to push the total NSA payroll to about 35,000. Among those being sought are linguists in Arabic and Chinese, regional analysts, communications signals intelligence specialists and computer experts.
but even tho we mite need sum folks that kin speak arabick n such, lease we kin perteck ourself agin them gays that wonts to hep!:
Military Has Discharged 26 Gay Linguists

Friday, January 14, 2005

SAN FRANCISCO — The number of Arabic linguists discharged from the military for violating its "don't ask, don't tell" policy is higher than previously reported, according to records obtained by a research group.

The group contends the records show that the military — at a time when it and U.S. intelligence agencies don't have enough Arabic speakers — is putting its anti-gay stance ahead of national security.
so lemme git this strate: we caint perteck ourself agin bein infiltrated by our enemies n we dont have a nuff folk that kin even speak thar langwage, so to perteck ourself, we git rid of the gay folks that kin.

so heres whar im havin truble gittin thangs strate: dint jesus know bout gay folks whenever he wuz here cunductin his ministry? n ifn he did, why dint he splain how we aint spozed to give em equal treetment nor let em translate fer us nor let em marry? wuz he too distracted by all that stuff bout how whenever ye hep the poorest n lowliest folks, yer heppin him?

thank god lucky fer us, we have a gummint that knows the parts jesus dun left out!

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