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pinions of buddy don: favert sangle malts

cums a time when ye orta name yer favert sangle malts, witch me n miz bd has been testin as minny of em as we could since eric over frum straight white guy hepped us git started. up to now, i aint cum rite out n pickt no faverts, tho i dun blogd on the subeck minny a time:
furst taste of sangle malt -- talisker
short ledaig revu
bowmore revu
linkwood revu
pitcher of ardbeg
stakin out keens steakhouse
the keens scotch tastin
notes n obsruvayshuns on the keens scotch tastin
so the time has cum to make a list of our faverts, witch me n miz bd couldnt settle on jes one.

furst it mite hep ye ifn i splaind whut we lacks in our sangle malts. mayhap on a counta how we gut to lackin em together, me n miz bd has purt near the eggzack same taste, so i'm a'speakin on behalf of bofus. as them lanks splains, we gut started with talisker 15 year. tiz frum the isle of skye n i reckon it dun set the taste of whut we figgerd sangle malt orta be lack. tiz a peaty one with a hint of iodine, dee liteful flaver n smoky afterbite. tiz the one that gut us to fall in luv with sangle malt scotch, witch miz bd never much keerd fer whisky till now.

innywho, we lacked thatn so much that we wood buy us a differnt bottle mos ever weekend n sampull it n compar notes n all till we had tried, either at home or out at sum place lack keens steakhouse a slew of em. tiz one of the add vantages of livin near 'the city,' witch thats whut folks roun here calls man hattan.

so heres a list of everone we had the good fortchun to try:
  1. Aberlour 10 Years Old
  2. Aberlour 15 Years Old
  3. Ardbeg Aged 10 Years
  4. The Balvenie Aged 15 Years Single Barrell
  5. The Balvenie Aged 15 Years Cask Strength
  6. Bowmore 12 Years Old
  7. Bowmore 15 Years Old
  8. Bowmore 17 Years Old
  9. Bunnahabhain Aged 12 Years
  10. Craggenmore 12 Years Old
  11. Dalwhinnie 15 Years Old
  12. Glenfarclas 17 Years Old
  13. Glenfiddich Special Reserve
  14. Glenfiddich 18 Years Old
  15. Glen Garioch 10 Years Old
  16. Glenkinchie 10 Years Old
  17. The Glenlivet Aged 12 Years
  18. The Glenlivet 18 Years Old
  19. Glenmorangie 12 Years Old
  20. Glenmorangie 18 Years Old
  21. Highland Park Aged 18 Years
  22. Isle of Jura Aged 36 Years
  23. Lagavulin Aged 16 Years
  24. Laphroig 10 Years Old
  25. Lafroig Aged 15 yers
  26. Ledaig Aged 15 Years
  27. Signatory Decanter Collection Linkwood 1987
  28. Macallan 12 Years Old
  29. Macallan 18 Years Old
  30. Speyburn 10 Years Old
  31. Talisker 10 Years Ole
  32. Tobermory Aged 10 Years
  33. Mackillop's Choice: Inverleven Aged 13 Years

corse thays a few others we mite coulda tride along the way, but thems the ones i kin be shore bout. innywho, our taste runs to the peatier ones in the bunch. we dont much lack em sweet, n we lack em to have sum care ackter to em. so we aint all that crazy bout macallan 12 or the glenlivet 12 even ifn thar worl famus n sum of the mos poplar. we have a sentimentul attachment to glenkinchie 10 on a counta tiz a edinburgh lowland malt, witch we gut marrd in edinburgh n tiz the mos magickull place i ever been. so now that ye herd bout our taste, heres the list of our faverts.

oh, furst thays a nuther thang i should mentchun, witch tiz this here book name of The Whiskey Bible 2004 by a feller name of Jim Murray. it gives ye a lil ratin of mos every whisky ye kin magine, over 2,000 of em. so i'm a'gone quote his ratins on each of our faverts, witch we dont always agree with him. one thang that sprizes me is how minny times he ranks the 10 year over the 15 or 18 of a given scotch. far as we kin tell, hes purt accurate. his rankins is based on four thangs he rates on a scale of up to 25 fer the bes. the four thangs is (1) nose, (2) taste, (3) finish, n (4) balance. ye add em up to git yer ratin. he dont rank nun of em a purrfeck 100.

  1. Lagavulin Aged 16 Years — we aint had thisn cept at the tastin at keens n then one evenin after we had visited the payshunt, but twuz lack drankin liquid relaxayshun with a hint of happiness blended in, as close to purrfeck as we thank ye kin git, jes bout. Jim Murrays ratins: 88 = 23 (nose) + 22 (taste) + 21 (finish) + 22 (balance)

  2. Laphroig 10 Years Old — thisns the best bargun we dun found of all of em. we gut our las bottle fer $27.99 over at warehouse wines n spirits, witch thats down in the village on broadway twixt 7th n 8th streets. tiz peaty. tiz lack medicine. seems almost lack it has time-released taste budlets in it sum kinda way whar hours later ye git a hint of that speshul taste. Jim Murrays ratins: 90 = 24 (nose) + 23 (taste) + 21 (finish) + 22 (balance)

  3. Glenmorangie 18 Years Old — miz bd won a bottle of thisn at the sangle malt scotch tastin at keens steakhouse, witch we aint opened that bottle yet n mite never doot on a counta tiz wurth $100, but we did have it at the tastin n twuz amazin. taint as peaty as we generly lack, but it has such a complex amalgamayshun of tastes, such sublty n balance that tiz hard to dee scribe. twuz the kind whar after ye had ye a sip, ye wood have that kinda taste in yer mouth whar ye wonta git a nuther sip n try to figger how it duz its magick, witch we aint figgerd it out yet. Jim Murray's ratins: 87 = 23 (nose) + 22 (taste) + 21 (finish) + 21 (balance)

  4. Talisker 10 Years Old -- thisns still a sentimentull favert on a counta it bein the furstn we tride. tiz practicully purrfeck. taint so eggspensive lack #3 or #1, but it never fails to satisfy. thang i lack bes bout it is how whenever miz bd has her a lil, she gits to wontin to pick on a guitar, witch it has the same effeck on me. Jim Murray's ratins: 86 = 22 (nose) + 22 (taste) + 21 (finish) + 22 (balance)

  5. Ledaig Aged 15 Years -- ledaigs a nuther that seems near purrfeck to me in nose n taste n finish n balance, but bes thang bout thisn is the effeck it has, witch quick as we have us sum, seems lack me n miz bd gits to sparkin. nuff sed. Jim Murray's ratins: 90 = 23 (nose) + 23 (taste) + 22 (finish) + 22 (balance)

thays a passel of otherns thats wonderful n fack is, aint a one of em bad. in the bargun makes, thars glen garioch 10 n speyburn 10 n bowmore 12, witch thays all ok. bes bargun of all is the laphroig 10. we had sum of the isle of jura aged 36 years at keens with our irish friend n twuz probably the bes of em all, but a bottle costs a few hunderd dollars, so it dont make the list. heres sum otherns thats verr fine: ardbeg 10 year (verr peaty), glenmorangie 10 (second bes bargun), n glenfiddich speshul reserve (thurd bes bargun).

thems my pinions at the moment but since thays hunderds we aint tride yet, tiz lackly thays a'gone change.

ye mite could hep by sharin yer idees, so why dont ye let yer pinions on sangle malt be known -- make a comment n tell us witchns ye lack the bes.

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