Wednesday, July 28, 2004

pinions of buddy don: common defense cunundrum

aint gut not time to blog this mornin, but fer sum reason, i been havin this thought a'runnin thru my mind durin this hole pre-eleckshun period, witch it has to do with defense. the preambull to the constitooshun sez the gummint should pervide fer the common defense, witch everbidy sez that means agin enemies lack communists n terrists n such. but thays three enemies that attacks with near purrfeck impunity: (1) ignorance, (2) disease, n (3) poverty. but we spend more money on prisons than skools, pass medicare bills to perteck the cumpnies that make drugs n not the peeple that needs em, n raze payroll taxes to shore up soshul securty n then spend em all in deficits while borryin money to make shore them thats gut gits more.

aint thay sumthin rong with this pitcher?

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