Sunday, July 04, 2004

return of buddy don: back frum a long vacayshun

howdy. this hyars buddy don at long last. sorry i ben away so long. taint eggzackly my fault on a counta how i aint a real person, perzackly, n problem is the author, witch hes the one a'makin me up. he acks lack i aint nuthin but a lil figment of his imaginayshun, but to me thangs is differnt. whenever i git to ritin, i turn real.

problem is, the authors on vacayshun n fer that lame reason, i caint hardly git im to let my fangers touch the keybird. but i reminded him bout how tiz the 4th of july, indeependents day of the usa, witch thats the day we celebrate the idee of a cuntry that bleeves everbidys gut a rite to life, liberty n the pursoot of happiness. i tole the author he wuz deprivin me of all three of em on a counta how thonly life i gut is whut i kin say in this hyar blog.

me n miz bd dun been to virginny fer a nite n then on to tennessee, whar we saw one of the nex generayshun gittin hitched. twuz outdoors n the rain quit long a nuff fer everythang to be lack in a story book.

we wonted to hike in the smokies but twuz rainin the days we wooda had time. twuz nice to see oak ridge n the campus at utk, to see the fambly n git cawt up on a few thangs.

i wuz verr sprized whenever i cum home n checked my stats. i had the biggest day ever n twuz when i had dun lef fer vacayshun n couldnt git near no keybird. reckon i should leeve more often?

innywho, me n miz bd has had us a wunderful vacayshun n today we plan on celebraytin a cuple birthdays, witch the one blongs to the usa n tuther blongs to our son-in-law.

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