Thursday, July 08, 2004

grate job of buddy don: cumpny that sponsors volunteerin

in the countin yer blessin deparment, i gut to put my job near to top. taint everbidy that even lacks wurk n i kin be as lazy as the nextn, but ifn the wurk is good n yer cumpny treats ye rite, then seems to me lack thay aint no cumplaints. tiz a blessin ye orta count ever now n agin.

i caint mentchun witchn i wurk fer, but tiz what they call a wall street firm, witch let me jes call it bes bank. i dun wurked up n down 'the street' at severul of the wall street firms n the one i wurk at is by far the bes. fer eggzample, since wall street is a verr small worl, ye caint hep but run into folks in one place that ye wurked with in a nuther. so whenever i started wurkin at this particlar cumpny, i found thay wuz a slew of folk frum a nuther cumpny whar i wurked minny a year, witch let me call thatn hartless bank. once i gut to wurkin at bes bank, whenever i mite run into sumbidy i had met at hartless bank, twood be common fer em to say, 'Isn't this a great firm?'

but that aint all. i spoke to one tuther day, witch i had gut to know im back at tuther firm whenever he wuz jes a furst year 'associate.' he gut to talkin bout whut a grate firm tiz whar we're a'wurkin n i agreed. then he give me a eggzample bout how much they keer fer thar folk. he splaind bout how his furst year at the cumpny, he figgerd he was hedded fer a grate bonus on a counta how he had 'generated a lot of revenue.' then they cum to the annual review process n wuz he ever sprized. he wuz criticized fer treatin his folks lack dirt. message wuz how it dint matter that he generated a lot of revenue ifn he dint treat folks rite, speshly them that wuz a'wurkin fer im. he laffed bout it n pointed out how twuz eggspeckted at hartless bank. he sed his bonus wuznt whut he hoped fer, but whut impressd me wuz how he sed he figgerd twuz better to know yer wurkin at a place that keers fer the individual than to git a big bonus fer wurkin in a hartless place.

so twoodnt be much of a sprize to larn that bes bank is a big sporter of volunteerin. twuz so odd a thang that my furst year thar, i dint do much of it, figgern i had to git my wurk dun n twoodnt look good ifn i wuz off paintin skools or whatever on cumpny time. wuz i ever rong!

so i figgerd i wood volunteer agin, this time fer heppin out with the po leece athletick league summer baseball progrum. turnt out yesterday wuz the furst day n i couldnt hardly bleeve it when twuz time to walk over to the park at 9:45 AM n play with them kids till noon n then hep feed em pizza. in sted, my boss's boss saw me leevin n give me the big thumbs up. i cum back with dust on my shoes n pants n wearin the tee shirt n hat they give us. my boss laffd n ast could he git one, witch he has to volunteer to git one. i gut to wurkin at my desk, lettin tuther volunteers know they could cum git thar shurts n hats fer when twuz thar turn. my boss saw me n ast wuznt i a'gone change back into my dress shirt, witch i tole him soons i finished the email i wuz a'ritin, i wood go wash up n change. but my boss's boss cum by n sed he thought i should wear the shirt all day, witch i dint do that on a counta i had dun promissd my boss.

but i hope ye git the idee. bes bank is a grate cumpny to wurk fer n today i am a'countin my blessins fer havin such a good job.

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