Saturday, July 24, 2004

pinions of buddy don: differnt strokes

cuple notes.
  1. furst, i real eyes jes how awful chaptur 124 cum out so far, so i dun struck it sos i kin rite it over agin, witch i gut to go to wurk fer a bit today, so i mite not git toot today.
  2. last nite, me n miz bd joined a cuple folks frum wurk fer a lil talk down at keens chophouse, witch tiz noted fer have a menu with 204 differnt sangle malt scotches to choose frum. whenever we orderd, we gut us sum scotch, sum isle of jura superstishun n sum bowmore dusk, witch we wuz sprized by how grate the bowmore wuz, even better than the isle of jura, but thay wuz bofem delishus. our guests gut sum cheap wine n sum rum. then whenever we orderd dinner -- vegtabull plate fer miz bd, wild salmon fer me -- they couldnt bleeve we wuznt ordern stakes or 'red meat,' witch we dont eat no meat ceptn fish now n agin. thang wuz, fer them the hole point of keens is the stakes n chops. fer us, tiz the scotch. futher proof bout how everbidy sees thangs differnt.
  3. finely, ye kin see i gut my blog back to whar taint a mess all over the place. i caint say whut went rong, but my text wuz in my sidebar n ye couldnt hardly tell whar one thang ended n the next begun. so to fix it, i copied all the contents into a wurd document (sos i could save the lanks) n did the same into notepad (sos i could git rid of all formattin). then i copied the text back frum notepad n fussed with it long as i could stand it till it looked kindly ok. then i copied in the lanks frum the wurd document n crossd my fangers n held my thumbs, witch thats how ye cross yer fangers ifn yer czech, n click on the publish post button. it dont make me lack blogger no better, but it gut the mess cleaned up. dont read this ifn yer happy with blogger (july 22 post).

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