Tuesday, July 27, 2004

pinions of buddy don: ritin n blogger

fer them amung us that uses blogger to do our blogs, we gut challenges mos everday. i dun talked bout how thay aint no ritin but only re-ritin, more or less. obveeusly, ye gut to cum up with sum ritin to re-rite, but mos of whut ye do is improov whut ye dun writ.

so i wuz trine to do that verr thang yesterdy with chaptur 124. twuz a chaptur with lots of trubles, manely on a counta me not havin the time i needed to git it writ, let it set, n then rite on it agin. so i wuz doon jes that yesterdy when suddenly everthang in my screen vanished n wuz replaced with a Google search screen. i half to add mitt it made me git a lil riled up. miz bd tride to speak sum sense at me, astin me why dint i git my ritin reddy in a nuther applicayshun n then paste it into the tiny lil blogger winder they give ye to do yer bloggin. whenever ye jes acksidently wiped out maybe 2,000 wurds of yer ritin, tiz a nuff to make ye wonta quit. but she also ast me why dint i try publishin whut i had n see how did it cum out, witch thats whut i dun n shore a nuff, thar wuz bout half of whut i had dun. so i wurked lack crazy to finish n gut to wurk a lil late by my standurds.

so my message today is how ritin n re-ritin is habits that ye gut to wurk on keepin. after a lifetime of ritin, ye mite thank i woodnt half no truble gittin started, but evertime i need to wurk on a new chaptur, tiz all i kin do to git the courage to git started. whenever i wuz yunger, i writ everthang by hand usin a fountin pen. i figgerd i woodnt be able to rite usin a type-riter or keypad. but i gut to whar i could.

then cum bloggin n at the beginnin, twuz easy to do. i had the blogger innerface n blogweaver sos i could see THE HOLE PAGE all at once while i wuz wurkin. i could see how thangs wood look whenever i published. twuz easy to wurk with n i gut in the habit of ritin a'usin the blogger innerface. then cum google n thar changes. whar we used to have the hole screen, now they give us fifteen lines of text that we kin see at one time. even when yer wurkin on yer template, they only let ye see fifteen lines at a time. tiz hard to wurk with.

wurse, it has dun drove sum bloggers to quit bloggin, witch the mane one that the worl is a'gone miss is oldcatman. fer them amung us that knows his wurk, we kin still git his ritin by email. but he dun deecided to give up on blogger.

caint say as i blame im. one more disaster lack yesterdy n i figger i'll find sum new way to rite. tiz a shame the way google rites us to brag bout improovments that makes thangs wurser.

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