Monday, July 05, 2004

pinions of buddy don: enigma of wurk

lack everybidy in the usa jes bout, i plan to do my best to enjoy this last day befor i gut to go back to wurk. tiz a puzzle, wurk. i luv my job, lack the folks i wurk with, lack the cumpny, lack the locayshun, lack the pay. so why is it i hate to thank bout goin back to wurk? why duz it feel lack i gut a death sentence on me frum all the dred of goin back in?

i never could figger thatn. thang is, evertime i cum back to wurk frum a vacayshun, it feels lack cummin home n i luv it. but this evenin, long bout time me n miz bd has had a lil scotch n dun planned dinner, the dredll set in . . .

corse, wurk is a blessin, not a curse, witch i am verr thankful fer havin my job . . . ye caint cumplain when yer one of the lucky ones, witch i am bout as lucky as they git.

but it feels lack when yer in thurd grade n tiz sundy evenin n yer mamas yellin bout do yer homewurk.

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