Friday, July 09, 2004

quick notes of buddy don: trial lawyers to farmasuiticulls to sangle malt

twuz innerestin to here how them publicans wuz attackin john edwards on a counta his bein a trial lawyer with lil eggsperients. tiz a shockin thang to say for the party of lincoln.

wood thar be a invesitgayshun ifn the dimcrats wuz in cuntrol of congress?

academicks, NIH, n small biotechs duz the research . . . thar profits is 17% but spendin on research aint but 11% while marketin n administrashun is 36%. mayhap thats why we passd a medicare bill to hep these folks.

whars the gratest good for the gratest number, health or wealth?

furst twuz them bitter-enders. then twuz forn fiters befor it turnt out not to be em. now tiz sunnis n larger than we had thunk?

ifn yer afraid of ghosts, dont go to the hell bus.

finely, ifn ye dont lack to laff, dont got to oldcatmans. speshly not now on a counta how hes rerunnin one of his classicks.

tiz fridy. i bleeve miz bd has picked out lafroig 10 year as the scotch fer the weekend. tiz a grate scotch at a fine price. tiz bettern the lafroig 15 year in my pinion. ye mite wonta try ye sum. we wuz lucky tuther day to find a new place name of warehouse wines n spirits (they aint gut no website!). they wuz sellin lafroig 10 year fer under $30, witch we dint have no choice but to buy us sum.

aint life grand?

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