Tuesday, July 13, 2004

lost morning of buddy don: readin too minny papers

i dun wasted my mornin readin n ritin other thangs, witch i aint hardly gut time fer bloggin. so heres a few quick hits:

  1. janet dagley dagley covers an event that proovs how thangs aint so partisan n bad now as they once wuz. shore, tiz sumthin when the vice presdent sez "Go fuck yourself!" on the floor of the senate, but tiz even wurser to have a duel whar the vp kills the secertary of the treashury

  2. oldcatman's gut his latest up, witch its a history of the hole worl accordin to him n twill make ye laff. catch it while ye kin.

  3. did ye ever take any illicit drugs? now that ye gut kids, whut are ye a'gone do? grate articull in salon eggzamines this, but ye gut to be registerd to read it n taint free tho tiz wurth it.

  4. sumhow u.s. news gut all them classifide annexes frum the taguba report on abu ghraib. heres a few samples:
    Daily life at Abu Ghraib, the documents show, included riots, prisoner escapes, shootings, corrupt Iraqi guards, filthy conditions, sexual misbehavior, bug-infested food, prisoner beatings and humiliations, and almost-daily mortar shellings from Iraqi insurgents. Troubles inside the prison were made worse still by a military command structure that was hopelessly broken . . .

    Another classified annex reported that the prison complex was seriously overcrowded, with detainees often held for months without ever being interrogated. Detainees walked around in knee-deep mud, "defecating and urinating all over the compounds," said Capt. James Jones, commander of the 229th MP Battalion. "I don't know how there's not rioting every day," he testified . . .

    Among the more shocking exchanges revealed in the Taguba classified annexes are a series of E-mails sent by Major David Dinenna of the 320th MP Battalion. The E-mails, sent in October and November to Major William Green of the 800th MP Brigade, and copied to the higher chain of command, show a quixotic attempt to simply get the detainees at Abu Graib edible food. Dinenna pressed repeatedly for food that wouldn�t make prisoners vomit. He criticized the private food contractor for shorting the facility on hundreds of meals a day, and for providing food containing bugs, rats, and dirt.

    "As each day goes by tension within the prison population increases," Dinenna wrote. "...Simple fixes, food, would help tremendously." Instead of getting help, Major Green scolded him. "Who is making the charges that there is dirt, bugs or what ever in the food?," Major Green replied in an E-mail. "If it is the prisoners I would take it with a grain of salt." Dinenna shot back: "Our MPs, Medics and field surgeon can easily identify bugs, rats, and dirt, and they did." Ultimately, the food contract was not renewed, an Army spokeswoman says, although the contractor holds other contracts with the military.

  5. finely, thars that leaked list of whut folks wurkin in the bush administrayshun makes, witch mane thang i wunder is why wood innybidy go thru all the grief n criticism fer purty puny wages cumpard to folks in private bizness.

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