Wednesday, July 26, 2006

pomes of buddy don: If Spin Could Win Our Wars

If Spin Could Win Our Wars

If spin could win our wars the way it helps to win elections
If the same tricks that fool us hicks could ensure our protections
If only cruel reality
Did not use such brutality
Perhaps our claim to have no blame would win the world's affections!

i wish spin could kill migraines. i figgerd i wuz outta the woods yesterdy whenever i writ my blog post, but i wuz rong. as soon as i gut out in the brite sunshine, thay wuznt no doubt but that i still had the trubles, witch they have becum more panefull than ever befor.

innywho, we went to see the acupunkchurist frum tennessee over in brooklyn yesterdy – speshull thanks to miz bd fer sheperdin me thar n back — n she give me the most amazin sesshun of needles i ever had. heres hopin that i dont find myself on the verge of vomit when i git out this mornin!

i been gittin lots of kind comments on them pitchers frum the subway, so heres a nuthern fer ye ...

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Anne Johnson said...

Lookit the smile on that lil gal! Made ma day.

Tennessee Jed said...

Man I hope you had a good day sounds like you could use one.