Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mizry of buddy don: beware the strobelite

yesterdy mornin i wuz up early, witch i always git up by 4 am fer the most part. i had dun red as much of the papers as i could take n figgerd twuz time to try catchin the sunrise. my habit has been to take the stairs n not the elevator, even tho we live on the fifth floor.

whenever i gut to the bottom, thay wuz a problem with the lites to whar they had turnt into a floressunt strobelite. it felt a lil lack bein cut with a sharp knife.

i went out into the mornin, but i could see twuz too late. it seemd thay wuz sumthin in my eye, witch by the time i figgerd whut twuz, twuz a lil too late: i wuz blinded on one side till i felt dizzy. i tride to tell myself twuznt whut twuz, but i had to add mitt i wuz havin a nuther migraine. i had dun deelayd a lil too long n paid fer it by suffern one of the mos panefull migraines i kin member.

the memry of it hurts n i caint stand to thank bout that flashin lite, witch miz bd tells me they dun gut it fixed.

i had herd that strobelites could be truble fer migraneurs, but twuz a furst fer me n i dint wonta ackcep it. but i couldnt make it go away.

so i spent the day in bed, sleepin off the imatrex.

n that wuz a lil bit of a shame on a counta i had sum pitchers i wonted to share. dont have time now to putt em all up, but heres a few.

furst, thays this mornins sunrise:

then we had us a nice visit to the brooklyn botanick garden on sundy, witch i tride agin to git that sacred lotus but she aint revealin herself as purty as she dun the furst time i seen her ...

finely, as we wuz cummin down a stairwell of the subway, this here bass player ast me to take his pitcher, witch i tuck a few of em n heres two ...

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red molly said...

I have been enjoying your subway pictures...thanks for posting them. I am sorry about your migraine setback.

Anne Johnson said...

I don't git migraines thank the bored gods. But oncet I went to a cookin demonstration and they was a light with a fan movin under it. I got so sick I coodn eat any of the vittles at the end. I had ta leave.

Subway feller looked so nice!