Friday, August 26, 2005

weauxphs of buddy don: that horrbull tingull

i writ yesterdy with pride bout how i hadnt had no migraines in over two munths. then around lunch time thar cum that tingull on my scalp that means ones a'cummin on, tho i hope i kin beat it. i still gut that tingull, witch its dun turnt into a slow burn, as if i had a lil hot iron borin down into a strip of my hed on the lef side. miz bd kin feel the differnts in the temp of that spot n the res of my hed with her cheek. but lack i say, i hope i kin beat it, witch i dun tuck my erbs this mornin.

but the fack is, tiz a reeminder bout how ye orta not weauxph (pronounced 'woof'), witch thats a term frum referrin to whenever sumbidy brags befor the game bout how thar team is a'gone whup tuthern. bleef on that newsgroup is how such weauxphin leads to yer losin the verr thang ye weauxph bout. tiz akin to the greek wurd hubris.

then thars that famus one bout pride goin befor a fall.

but i kin make it to wurk n hope i kin last the day.

pallgies fer the selfish blog entry.

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