Sunday, August 21, 2005

songs of buddy don: Baby Sister

furst thangs furst: a big thankee to red molly fer them verr kind wurds she writ bout meetin me n miz bd up here in man hattan, witch ifn ye click that lank ye mite could wunder is that feller in the gray beard with his arm round that beeyootifull woman really buddy don? i dun splaind how i am the lucky one n ye kin see the reason purt clear in that thar pitcher tuck by red molly her ownself.

turns out miz bd is takin sum classes this weekend, witch that leaves me here on my lonesum. in my lonesumness i gut to puttern round till i found sumthin i dun fergut i had, a bootleg of a song i dun a lil while back. i made a em pee three out of it. tiz me pickin on the gittar n sanging a song by them bohemian hillbilles name of baby sister.

by in by in life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly (pt 1, pt 2), twill be eggsplaind how thisn cum to be writ, who thar about n all. i bet sum of yuns thats dun red life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly kin figger it out alreddy.

heres the wurds sos ye kin foller along.

Baby Sister
This here's the story bout our baby sister
Smiled so sweetly cause the angels kissed her
Smooth baby skin, huge gray eyes
But everone agreed her silky curls took the prize
When they cut em off down at the beauty salon
Almost seemd as if Baby Sister was gone
Whee Hooey
When baby sister was four years old
We got up one day and found her bed, empty and cold
We searched the house and year a'callin out her name
Baby Sister, come out, quit playin this game
Found her in the woods a'sleepin all alone
It was an awful fear when Baby Sister was gone
Whee Hooey
She got in trouble in her high school years
We wondered whose it was but that just brought on tears
So we borrowed fifty dollars and to Knoxville we went
Had the operation before she could repent
Nobody ever knew why we wuz gone so long
Cause we couldn't tell where Baby Sister was gone
Whee Hooey
She met a sailor when she was twenty-four
They got married in that church down by the dry goods store
He worked with his hands, drove a beat up Lincoln
Got kindly wild whenever he'd been drinkin
Beat her black and blue and never knew he was wrong
Till it finally come a day when Baby Sister was gone
Whee Hooey
This here's the story of our baby sister
She got up one night and took
Her old man's pistol
Went donw into the woods in her nightgown and boots
Fixed a place among the leaves and the roots
Nice cigarettes in that dark before dawn
But when the sun come up Baby Sister was gone
Whee Hooey
Oh how her old man carried on the next day
Ambulance come and took him away
Mama bathed her face in tears of shame
A'tellin everbody how she was to blame
And Daddy kept recitin that twenty-first Psalm
As if it could tell us why Baby Sister was gone
Whee Hooey
Preacher give a sermon all about God's love
Said we'd see Baby Sister by and by up above
So we drove out to the graveyard in our suits in the heat
Brother spoke a prayer that made all the women weep
When they started singin that old circle song
We all joined in cause Baby Sister was gone
Whee Hooey

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