Wednesday, August 10, 2005

pinions of buddy don: sad news frum tennessee

as ye know, i been ritin in that novel name of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly (furst part here, secunt part here) bout a place name of knoxvull collidge, witch thats tuck frum a real collidge name of knoxville college. via tennessee jed cums more sad news bout that tiny skool. wbir has a articull name of Knoxville College board fires president, witch heres sum of the sad news in that tiny articull:
Knoxville College will start the fall semester with a new president. Barbara Hatton was fired after being in charge for eight years.

Campus security officers say she didn't want to leave Monday when she was terminated. She sped off campus quickly after a police officer had to ask her to leave her office. Officers said she had locked herself in.

Trustees made the announcement of her dismissal shortly after Hatton drove off. Under her leadership, enrollment dropped, the school is still unaccredited, and it is being sued by professors and a student worker. They say they haven't been paid in months.
i shore hope they kin make it. tiz a awfull shame how historickly black collidges n universties is bein wore down to nuthin. lessn ye been part of one, ye caint have no idee whut speshul places they is. tiz a shame how innergrayshun in this cuntry only means black folks kin move into white nayborhoods. i bleeve the cuntry wood larn a lot bout itself ifn more white folks could move into black nayborhoods n have the eggsperients of the 'black communty.' (note: i know tiz poplar to use the term 'african amurkins' in sted of 'black,' but i cum of age in a place everbidy called 'the black communty.')

i wood luv to rite more, but i gut to git to wurk early. ifn ye wont a grate read, click over to mountain gurls site n read a verr funny letter she gut frum red molly. fair warnin: it mite make ye thank!

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