Tuesday, August 09, 2005

friends of buddy don: tennessee jed starts a blog fer his birthdy!

whenever im countin my blessins, i always include the good friends i dun made frum bloggin, friends with folks i dont ritely know as well as i wood lack to, folks lack eric at Straight White Guy, deb at Sugarfused, red molly at Blue Page Special, kamil at a blog i caint ritely read name of Kamilův deník, witch that means kamils diary or journal (now n then its gut pitchers n such that even i kin understand n miz bd kin read that thar czech langwage purty good, so she heps me out), geekman at Geekman, mountain gurl at Life Is A Comedy For Those Who Think..., a feller name of Zenny K. Sadlon, witch he dont have a blog eggzackly, but he did a verr fine translayshun of one of the gratest novels writ since 1900 n ye kin read all bout it here n even order ye a copy here (tiz my plan to rite more on the topick of svejk later on, after i finish a'readin book one of zenny's translayshun).

tennessee jed is a nuther of my blog friends, witch hes the artist that created the banner at the top of my page. yesterdy it wuz his birtdy n day befor that, he cummenced to bloggin. i dun been a fan of his ritin n art fer a while. i caint tell ye how glad i am that he has tuck up the keybird n started his own blog. name of his blog is Tennessee Jed with a side note that sez 'Trying hard not to make matter worse.' i putt a lil lank to his new blog in my sidebar.

jed is a real artist, witch that means he dont make a nuff money frum his art to pay his morgidge n has to resort to other means of earnin his daily bread, lack wurkin verr long hours fer lil pay (overwurked n underpaid, lack mos folks). ye kin see sum of the thangs he has dun created here.

me n miz bd hopes to meet jed n moutain gurl n the rest of his fambly whenever we git down to tennessee agin.

n thays only four days lef till be git to meet red molly n mr red molly at st andrews on 44th street over in man hattan.

thays jes a cuple wurds ye could ritely putt to such a passel of blessins, witch i larnt em frum mountain gurl: blessins abound!

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