Friday, August 05, 2005

odd wurk of buddy don: back to the ole ballgame

i dun writ bout how i wurk fer one of the biggest cumpnies on wall street, witch i lack to call it 'good bank' on a counta how i used to wurk at a nuther of them big wall street firms that i lack to call 'bad bank'.

one of the minny good thangs bout good bank is how they ast us all to do volunteer wurk. tiz the kinda thang that warms the hart of innybidy frum tennessee (go vols!). one of the thangs ye kin do is hep out with the po-leece athletick leeg (name of PAL) n thar baseball fer yunguns. once ever year they let us all go out to see them pro players in a baseball game.

tiz safe to say, a grate time wuz had fer all. i tuck a slew of pitchers, witch i aint gut time to post that minny of em, but here three to give ye a idee how thangs gut started.

furst, they give us a ticket n sum scrip name of mets money:

corse, thangs always start off with josé kin ye see? :^Þ we wuz up in whut everbidy called them nosebleed seats, witch weerd thang wuz how dint nobidy git no nosebleed. but that ment i had to use a zoom lens to get down to the field n even with a monopod, twuz hard to get thangs a clear as i wood lack. fer instunts, this here purty lady that sung the nashnull anthem:

finely, ye had yer law brought out to keep the game honest:

lack i sed, i gut a passel more pitchers, but i aint gut time to post em at the moment on a counta them folks thay went with me all wonta git ceedees of them pitchers, witch im a'gone burn me up a cuple of em rite now.

oh yeah, them mets lost, 12-9, even tho they tuck a 2 run leed into the 9th inning, witch i dint keer much on a counta how im a fillies fan n they had dun beat them chicago cubs.

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