Friday, August 12, 2005

evenin plans of buddy don: meetin the red mollys

this evenin me n miz bd has resurvayshuns at st andrews fer dinner with the red mollys, witch red mollys the one who rites that thar blue page special. twill be the furst time i will git the chants to meet sumbidy in the meat worl that i gut to know in the virtchewall worl. (miz bd has dun alreddy had fans of her blog cum up to her n ast ifn she wuz really who she wuz as we wuz shoppin fer erbs up in here!)

i caint hep but be eggcited bout meetin red molly on a counta shes the furst person i know of besides miz bd who has red all of the furst draft of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly (furst part, secunt part). twuz nice the thank sumbidy who wuznt fambly wood fine it innerestin a nuff to read n i half to add mitt, it gut me to wurkin on it agin.

this meetin cums at the end of a verr hard week. i dun putt in near 48 hours n thays at lease one day (thisn) lef to wurk, witch im prayin i wont be tempted to wurk tomorry. corse, twill be a treat not only caws of meetin the red mollys, but also on a counta how st andrews has a huge sangle malt scotch menu n better prices than keens chophouse.

me n miz bd is hopin to meet sum other of our favert bloggers in the meat worl cum september, ifn my health kin hold up till then. plans include meetin bof tennessee jed n mountain gurl, witch twill be a two fer one meetin on a counta he has the blog name of Tennessee Jed n she has the one name of Life Is A Comedy For Those Who Think ... whenever we git down thar, we also hope to lift a glass of sangle malt with the feller that gut us our start in the pursuit of sangle malt perfeckshun, eric over at Straight White Guy. thays all in spittin distunts of knoxvull, so twont be hard to meet em.

twood also be nice to meet deb, witch i bleeve she calls middle tennesse home n i aint shore we will git that far frum knoxvull, n mayhap a nuther tennessee blogger or two (smijer or buck? skbubba, may his blog rest in peace? minny a nuthern that i am too fergetfull to member?). so please lemme know in a comment ifn ye mite lack to meet up with us sumwhar in east tennessee sumtime in september whenever we git to make the two mothers' birthdy tour! twill be sumtime twixt my mamas birthdy on 9/12 n miz bds mamas birthdy on 9/21.

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