Tuesday, August 02, 2005

pinions of buddy don: the faith that matters

thay wuz a articull in the los angelees times tuther day name of A faith vacuum haunts Europe writ by a feller name of niall ferguson. ye should read the hole articull to deecide whut his point is yerself, but heres the pith of it:
Over the last few weeks, Britons have heard a great deal from Tony Blair and others about the threat posed to their "way of life" by Muslim extremists like Muktar Said Ibrahim. But how far has their own loss of religious faith turned Britain into a soft target — not so much for the superstition Chesterton feared, but for the fanaticism of others?
ye git the idee. whut i caint understand is why he wood thank that whuther folks in united kingdum goes to church wood matter to folks thats angry bout soljers in iraq n the removal of 800,000 palestinians from palestine back in the late 1940s. dont it seem a hole lot more lackly that they wuz attackin the kingdum on a counta bein angerd by thar forn pallicy?

seems to me that the problem is jes the opposit frum whut this feller thanks. taint the evil godless thats causin the problem, but the evil godfilled folks that bleeves dyin (n killin) fer thar god should git em sum kinda free pass into heaven. taint only tuther side that bleeves this. our side bleeves tiz ok fer thousands of innocent bystanders to git killt n mained, fer our folks to stoop to the level of tortchur, to doin thangs we used to thank we wuz above doin.

no, seems to me lack the problem is the moral bankruptsy of a relijun that claims tiz ok to bomb folks to save em frum a evil dicktater, that claims to have faith but dont bleeve god is powerful a nuff to settle the score his ownself, that faithful folks have to rite n even the responsibillty to make atomick bombs n use em on civilyuns, that claims tiz ok to invade a cuntry, bomb it till minny of its basick servuses is deestroyed, all in the name of savin it.

whutever happend to standin up to yer bleefs by refusin to do evil, no matter whut the instigayshun or uther eggscuses? whut happend to our christchun soljers?

reminds me of a statement one of my ants made bout the veetnam war: 'We have to kill those people. They have no respect for human life.'

no, the problem aint the faithless. tiz the eggstreams the faithfull will go to sos they kin force thar pinions on others. yer terrsts are faithful, after all, whuther thar faith is sum misguided brand of islam or sum misguided brand of christchanity.

why caint the faithful of all relijuns have faith in the thangs they claims to bleeve? ifn they did, they wood know thonly thang they gut to do is bleeve god kin handle it. with that faith, we kin resist evil, return evil with luv, turn tuther cheek, leave whut blongs to caeser with caeser, lift no weppon lessn we wonta die by it, treat our naybors lack they wonta be treated, larn to see that all folks is naybors.

god kin handle justus all by his ownself. he dont need us bombin in his behalf, whuther tiz shock n awe or the shock of a terrst attack.

that, fer me, is the faith that matters, the faith to have faith.

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