Wednesday, August 24, 2005

pomes of buddy don: It's Always Seemed to Me a Little Odd

It's Always Seemed to Me a Little Odd

It's always seemed to me a little odd
That in his time on earth as Jesus, God
Would fail to make a parable or mention
How being gay defies nature's convention.

Or why in all the truths He did convey
No word against abortion did He say?
Why didn't He explain where life begins
Instead of pard'ning evil-doers' sins?

Or how could He ignore the bankers' need
To charge percents of interest that exceed
The fed's prime rate by multiples of eight?
How else can rich folks' wealth accumulate?

Instead He advised all to be so meek
That, if attacked, we turn the other cheek
Did He not know the interests of our nation
Might demand covert assassination?

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