Thursday, August 18, 2005

nite life of buddy don: fun slated at slate

i dun menchuned a time or two how i wurk at a wall street firm i lack to call goodbank on a counta how tiz the best place i ever wurked n how tiz so much bettern tuther banks on wall street whar i eethur wurked or cunsulted, witch thats near all of em but one.

innywho, last nite wuz a nuther eggzample of how good the place kin be. we had us sum visters frum the uk, so twuz deecided we all needed to have us a lil fun. i am here to tell ye, thats jes whut we dun.

heres whar we dun it:

name of the place is slate, witch ye kin foller the lank to read all bout it. i hadnt never been thar befor, dint even know thay wuz such a place, but as ye mite know, ye could eat at a differnt restrunt in man hattan four times a day n never git to all the restrunts they gut up in here. that goes duble fer the bars n evenin establishments.

the turnout wuz grate, the place had only three sangle malts on thar menu, but they dun grate with thar picks -- macallan 12, talisker 10 n lagavulin 16. that turnt out rite nice on a counta how they ackshly invited spouses n significunt otherns, so miz bd joind in n met sum of them that wurks with me. me n miz bd each had us a sum bubbly water n lagavulin. ah, lagavulin: liquid smoke, the verr best taste of peat, the imbibin of witch makes fer a fine moment after a hard day!

the rest of the evenin wuz devoted to contests of skill. heres the table whar the skills wuz displayed:

i partnerd with my good buddy name of jeeves. we won our furst two games befor i memberd how i wuznt no good a shootin pool n set about proovin it.

twuz a nice moment of fun with sum of the hardest wurkin folk i ever seen or herd tell about. me n miz bd lef early on a counta how we sleeps with them chickens. i even slept late this mornin -- dint wake up till 4:34! furst time i slept that late in munths.

i kin truly say i luv my job, witch thats a blessin that needs countin a lot on a counta thays plenty of truble in this worl n lack everbidy, me n miz bd gits our share.

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