Saturday, August 27, 2005

observayshuns of buddy don: three dialogs

first dialog:

day befor yesterdy miz bd give her daughter loretta a thai yoga massage, witch shes a'studyin up on lots of thangs havin to do with healin. loretta cum over in the afternoon along with her beau, feller name of paddy frum county offaly over in ireland. miz bd calls paddy her son-out-law.

innybidy as purty n smart as loretta is probly a'gone have a boyfrien of sum kind n since i been a'knowin her thays been a cuple of em. furstn wuz a feller frum australia name of andrew.

i met im n loretta bof in prague back when i wuz cortin miz bd. i dint hardly git to know the feller, but seemed almost lack the nex thang i knew, him n loretta broke up, but not befor loretta got down to australia n brung us back one of them boomarangs they sell down thar.

so happend that not long after she give it to us, twuz a'lyin on the bed n i dint see it whenever i sat down on it n broke it rite in half. miz bd tuck it n patched it up as good as she could n hung it up on the wall.

so whenever miz bd had jes finished a'givin loretta that thai yoga massage, she n paddy happend to notice the broke boomarang. miz bd splaind whut had happend n sed she kindly figgerd twuz a sine that the relayshunship with andrew wuznt a'gone last. i reckon that hit a bit close to the bone on a counta how loretta gut all quite fer a spell n then sed, 'Let me know if your Guinness goes bad."

everbidy laffed at that n then paddy sed, 'It's all right. Guinness isn't Irish.'

secunt dialog:

i writ yesterdy bout how i had that horrbull tingull on my scalp thats a shore sine a migraine is a'cummin on but i made it past the hardest part of the day n then cum home a lil early. i had dun putt in 47 hours innyway, so twuz ok to leave around 1 pm.

once i gut home, i wuz a'feelin awful till i thought i wuz a'gone cummence to vomittin when miz bd sed we should try a ole trick she knew bout whar ye run ye sum hot water in the bathtub n the person with the hedache sits with his bare feet down in that hot water sos all the bloodll drain frum the hed n go down to the feet.

i wuz feelin to bad to putt up much resistunts to the idee, so quick as she gut the bath water drawn, i went in n putt my feet in it. twuz on the hot side, a nuff to whar i had to be keerful not to git burnt, but it felt rite nice. i brung the book im a'readin on at the moment -- isaac asimovs Prelude to Foundation -- n read fer a spell till the water cooled down.

quick as that, i wuz feelin better, even tho i still gut that simptum. but thang is, i real eyesed after i had dun washed my feet in hot water that befor that, thar had been a lil dialog a'goin on twixt me n my bidy.

hed wood say 'horrbull tingull' n i wood anser back how i did not *half* to git sick. but my hed kep ansern back with a nuther round of 'horrbull tingull, horrbull tingull.'

thang is, i couldnt git my hed to say whuther that tingull wuz a'gone make me sick, but i couldnt stop astin n till i couldnt tell if i wuz gittin sick frum my hed sayin 'horrbull tingull' or frum the wurry over whuther the horrbull tingull meant whut i feard it meant.

once i putt my feet in that hot bath, twuz lack changin the topick of the conversayshun. feet wuz sayin 'ouch, be keerful now' till i kindly fergut all bout that conversayshun with the hed. miz bd kep on a'comin in with more boilin water to pore in sos them feet keep up thar chatter.

i finely gut dun n cum out n miz bd sed, 'yer back,' witch she sez that whenever i dun been in a migraine to whar she feels lack i aint ritely thar, witch i feel the same way durin em. dont know whuther the change in conversayshun gut me past that bad spell or not. still have the horrbull tingull, but i aint as botherd by it now. caint splain it, but i shore hope it means alls well now.

third dialog:

whenever miz bd woke up this mornin, she tuck a look out the winder n remarked bout how beeyootiful the sky wuz n did i wonta go out to take sum pitchers. i sed i wood got out but twuz her turn to use the camera, so she screwed it onto this monopod thang we gut n out we went.

whilst she wuz a'takin pitchers, a feller cum up n cummenced a conversayshun bout the immense sky n how it made even the skyline of man hattan look small. he wuz a lil tallern me, wearin a black uniform on a counta how hes wurkin securty fer one of the local apartment bildens, n twuz near time fer im to git off.

then he gut to talkin bout a slew of thangs, witch heres sum of em.

'When people axe me whar I live, I tell em I live at home and in church. Because, brother, wherever I am, I am home and I am in church.

'I see them clouds up there all turnin colors frum black to blue to red to white and it reminds me that there is no race, no black or white or yellow race. There is only one race, the human race.

'And when people axe me whether I'm a cathlick or baptist or whatever they got, I tell em yes, I am a cathlick ... and a baptist and a buddhist and a muslim and a hindu and you name it. And thats cause there aint but one god for all them religions.

'You know, you can get all the truth you need from the playground just by watchin little chilren play. They dont worry about black or white or religion. They dont even have to speak the same language since they just play and figure it out. We should be learnin from them. Instead, we educate them when it should be the other way around.'

wuznt much i could say back besides amen.

purt soon his shift ended n he offerd to shake so i give im my hand n we shuck only he dint let go while he tole me his name, witch twuz a irish name. he tole me n sed, 'im a black irishman.' he laffd fer a bit before he turnt a'loose of my hand n walked off.

heres a pitcher miz bd tuck of the sunrise that gut us to talkin ...

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