Monday, August 29, 2005

pinions of buddy don: that nobull cause

in this mornins los angelees times they gut em a articull name of Draft Clearly Shows Points of Contention with a list of sum of the thangs in that iraqi constitushun, witch that must be the nobull cause our soljers has been dyin fer. in case ye aint had a chants to read it, heres sum of them thangs our soljers has been over thar dyin fer:
  • The Role of Islam
    Article 2 establishes Islam as the official religion of the state and a basic source of legislation, guarantees the "Islamic identity" of the majority of the Iraqi people and requires that no law contradict the "undisputed" rules of Islam. At the same time, it requires that laws do not contradict democratic principles and basic freedoms. It also safeguards religious freedom for Iraq's Christians and other minority faiths. However, it does not explain how those sometimes-contradictory goals will be resolved. The language represents a compromise between pious Shiite Muslims who had demanded that Islam be the main source of legislation and Kurds and urban liberals who had sought a secular system.

  • Dual Citizenship
    Article 18 grants every Iraqi the right to dual citizenship. Sunni Arabs and others opposed this provision, but were overruled by Iraq's new political class. Many Iraqi elites spent decades abroad during Hussein's reign and want the option of returning to the country that sheltered them if the Iraqi experiment fails.

  • Welfare State
    Articles 28 to 34 define Iraq as a welfare state in the tradition of Western Europe. The constitution exempts the poor from taxes while guaranteeing universal healthcare and free education at all levels for all Iraqis, without defining how to fund such ambitious plans. It guarantees the right of Iraqis to a clean environment and commits the state to preserving the "biological diversity" of wildlife.

  • The Courts
    Article 90 allows experts in Islamic as well as civil law to serve on the supreme federal court. Iraqi Shiites had originally wanted a separate court to vet laws according to Islamic criteria, but secular Iraqis and Sunnis were outraged, fearing an Iranian-style Guardian Council, which approves all laws in Tehran.

  • Women in Government
    Article 137 reserves 25% of the seats in the future parliament for women, who scored a victory by pushing out a previous clause that put an eight-year time limit on the provision.
so lemme see ifn i am gittin this strate.

we are:
  • spendin over $200 billyuns of our dollars
  • ackceptin the deaths of nigh onto 2,000 soljers
  • injuries to moren 10,000 of em
  • collaterull deaths of sumwhar twixt 25,000 n 100,000 folks who wuz unlucky a nuff to be in the way
to make iraq safe to be:
  • a welfare state
  • with affirmative ackshun fer women politishuns
  • no separayshun twixt the state n the church [islamick, either sunni or shia, witch shorely they kin git along, rite?] to whar it looks lack lil more than a iraqi vershun of the iranian islamick republick
  • with dual citizenship eggscape clawzes writ in sos them that fled saddam kin git home safe ifn thangs dont wurk out fer em now that hes gone.
hey cindy! i thank we dun found yer nobull cause! cindy? cindy! we gut yer nobull cause, rite here.


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